I will picnic on your graves

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Eat dead

(marble cake)

According to artist Wolfgang Natlacen, in the Philippines, it is customary to eat at the graves of the deceased. He therefore had the idea of ​​creating, for his mother (still in this world!) A tomb in the shape of a picnic table, explaining that it would be more cheerful, not to say more lively. An initiative that users of the cemetery of Mons-en-Montois (Seine-et-Marne) had a little trouble swallowing, because the burial is quite massive and curious. So we imagine, for the mother, a funeral rhyming with feasting: “Do you love her, your mother? Yes, well, take it back.”

Bustard to come (goose game)

Alive or not alive? This dad and his daughter were walking on the side of La Hague, in the Cotentin, when they saw a strange creature: “It looked like a little ostrich”, they reported. In fact, it was a bustard, and bird watchers considered it unlikely to see such an animal “alive” in this place, from which it has long since disappeared. And they assume she may have escaped from a zoo. Finally, the father and the daughter, falling on this bustard, had a hell of a pot. What if it was a sudden genetic mutation, a stone’s throw from the La Hague nuclear power plant?

In the panel (full box)

No pot, on the other hand, for four French towns, (whose names we will charitably keep silent!) Which were given the title of “ugliest towns”, by the association “Paysage of France”. Ugly, awful, ruined, shattered, badly built, twisted, stinking? No, the association wanted above all to blame the profusion of billboards on every street corner. The good publicity of some makes the bad publicity of the others.

Chapi-chapo (and round and round…)

During a weekly audience at the Vatican, a slightly simpleton child showed himself fascinated by the Pope’s headgear, and would have liked to grab hold of it… yes, he was on the verge of taking a hell of a skullcap!

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