“I have a very small pension”: Patrice Laffont complains about his pension of € 3,500 per month

the essential The television host Patrice Laffont affirms that he is obliged to continue working at 82 years because of his “very small retirement “of 3500 euros per month.

The remarks will inevitably indignant the many French people who receive a pension of a few hundred euros per month. TV host Patrice Laffont complained about his “tiny retirement” in an interview. He receives 3500 euros per month.

Patrice Laffont who made the heyday of France 2 between “Fors Boyard”, “Pyramide” or “Numbers and letters” indicated to be obliged to continue to work, between television and theater, to meet his needs in life.

“The day when I will no longer work, when there will be no more ‘Numbers and letters’, nor the theater, I will be a little in trouble (…) But that’s how it is. 82 years old, it doesn’t matter, I might die in the street “, he said in the Jordan de Luxe show on Star Play TV .

Patrice Laffont admits poorly knowing how to manage his money like his father, the publisher Robert Laffont. “He never had a round in his life because he was, just like the rest of the family or most of them, not a manager, he was an artist. I am also an artist. So we didn’t. no sense of money, we don’t manage it “. The host is also still a tenant of his apartment.

To maintain his lifestyle, Patrice Laffont estimates that he needs 10 000 euros per month. “If I have 10 000 balls, I’m happy”.

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