Homophobia: on the stage of Pamiers, Les Funambules confides in the students

the essential This Friday, middle school and high school students from Pamiers attended the Funambules show before discussing with the artists. If mentalities are finally changing, there is still work to be done on the discrimination front.

Sarah announces it straight away. “People don’t choose to be gay, that’s how it is. And personally, I don’t care. Like this schoolgirl from Rambaud, the schoolchildren were invited this Friday to attend a performance, which was dedicated to them, of the Funambules show. Founded in 2013 by the composer and performer Stéphane Corbin in reaction to the violence of the Manif pour tous , this collective works throughout France to deliver a message of tolerance. Which should however flow naturally in the country of human rights. “Too bad for idiots,” smiles Stéphane Corbin, behind his piano.

On stage, Amélie, Dorian and Chloé all have experience, near or far, with the LGBT cause. For an hour and a half, the artists and musicians set the Jeu-du-Mail on fire with songs with texts as poetic as they are violent. Often like their daily lives. They evoke self-acceptance through “that kiss that teaches me what I’ve always known,” sings Dorian.

Sur scène, les artistes évoquent leurs propres histoires.
On stage, the artists evoke their own stories. DDM – GJ

The musicians were fabulous. DDM – GJ

“In college, I was the boy who liked to dance, to put on creams. I was called PD when I was dating girls. In the end, they were right. But I was just not given the time to find out on my own, ”he confides to the young people.

“I’m going to age less stupid”

Chloe recounts the day she found out her father was gay. “My first gay marriage was hers. And I am very proud of it. For Stéphane, the announcement to his parents was almost anecdotal. For them, not for the one who was just a young man and who was sweating profusely at the idea of ​​coming out. “My father had this answer which still resonates today: It’s nice: it’s an environment that I don’t know so I’m going to age less stupid . Of course, not everyone was so lucky. However, this emeritus artist aged 44 years old acknowledges being very careful when he kisses his companion in the street. Even in Paris, even in 2021. And when it comes to having children, the obstacle course is a healthy walk alongside.

Compositeur, musicien et interprète, Stéphane Corbin est le fondateur des Funambules.
Composer, musician and performer, Stéphane Corbin is the founder of Les Funambules. DDM – GJ

The incredibly late legislation, the death penalty still incurred in eleven countries, assisted procreation, living it hidden – but not happy so far – the impossibility of meeting “like everyone else”: everything goes. The Funambules bear their name to perfection. Able to oscillate between a caustic irony and experiences “which can destroy lives”, launches Sébastien Gonzalez, director of cultural affairs who led a time for discussion at the end of the show.

“Parents assume that their children will be straight. Well no ! “, launches a mother member of the Contact association. DDM – GJ

After a moment of hesitation, the students start. Ask about the difficulty of putting on such a show, about possible violence suffered, the fear of being insulted. Faced with the lack of understanding of a high school student, Dorian, who comes from a family of Moroccan origin, tries to make her understand that having black skin or being homosexual is the same. There is still work to be done. But it seems that pedagogy goes through repetition. “You have been wonderful! », Launches Stéphane Corbin under a thunderous applause.

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