“Him”: Guillaume Canet stages himself in a thriller written in full confinement

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(AFP) – After “Les Petits mouchoirs”, “Do not tell anyone” and in a completely different genre “Asterix and Obelix: the middle empire” , Guillaume Canet is back in front of and behind the camera with “Him”, his 8th feature film, a bewitching psychoanalytic thriller written in three weeks and shot in full confinement.

Film on introspection, punctuated by a breathless suspense between fiction and reality, the film tells of the empty passage of a composer of film music, played by Guillaume Canet, who has just left wife and children.

Wishing to take a step back, the injured man locks himself in an old rented house, on the side of a cliff on an almost deserted Breton island.

In the main room, a detuned piano but also strange visitors determined not to leave him alone. Upstairs, a mysterious attic “where it is forbidden to go”, warned the landlady.

In the spirit of a labyrinth, until madness, the main character rehashes the great moments of his existence, but also his double life, probably at the origin of his family breakdown. Unexpectedly, his wife (Virginie Efira), his mistress (Laetitia Casta) but also his parents (Nathalie Baye and Patrick Chesnais) will invite themselves to this voluntary retreat.

” I was in the middle of preparing for Asterix and Obelix … With the confinement, I felt cut off in my tracks. It was a few weeks later that the writing of this new film was imposed. to do a play, by the way … “, says Guillaume Canet in the production notes.

” We all carry a piece of luggage that we have to get rid of one day. I did eight years of analysis, I do not deny this influence. Is it this first confinement, the climatic and geopolitical threats weighing on the planet? I felt, like most of us, the need to wake up, to question myself. A psychological and salutary awakening “, underlines the director.

” + Him + is undoubtedly my most personal film and contains certain elements that I have lived or felt but it is not an autobiographical film “, observes Guillaume Canet, however. “The film remains a fiction. I am neither mad nor bipolar. I want to say, not more than my hero!”.

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