Health pass: Denmark abandoned it more than a month ago and the news is not good

the essential A little over a month after abandoning their health pass, the Danes are experiencing a rebound in the epidemic, with a number of cases that has more than doubled in just a few weeks.

Would the slackening be too great? In Denmark, the number of cases has sharply increased for a few weeks, while the health pass was definitively abandoned there on 10 last September. Thus, from around fifty daily positive cases per 1 million inhabitants at the lowest point of the epidemic, the circulation of the virus has climbed to nearly 120 cases of ‘after the last data for this month of October, and the curve does not seem to want to go down.

Denmark ended its health pass more than a month ago, and the number of daily cases has just doubled in 3 weeks. “For citizens, #Covid is no longer a subject (rightly or wrongly) and life is running wild,” says a resident.

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– Nicolas Berrod (@nicolasberrod) October 18, 2021

Despite these worrying figures, the number of daily hospitalizations and deaths remains very low in the country. Enough to imagine that vaccination has had its effect in the face of the most serious forms, and that is the essential point.

The Danish state would not therefore consider going back on the end of the “coronapas”, but rather focusing on the third vaccine dose, which could be offered to the entire population in the near future.

The severe increase in the number of cases should also be put into perspective with regard to the return of the cold, estimates Professor Antoine Flahaut, of the University of Geneva.

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