“He is racist and negationist”: Dupond-Moretti violently tackles Eric Zemmour

the essential Invited Tuesday evening on BFMTV, Eric Dupond-Moretti did not mince his words about Eric Zemmour.

Invited Tuesday, October 5 in the show “Face à BFM”, Eric Dupond-Moretti was questioned about the potential candidacy in 2022 of Eric Zemmour. “He is racist, negationist, condemned by the courts for inciting racial hatred”, declared the Minister of Justice. “I hope some will open their eyes”

“For the moment, Eric Zemmour is polemicist, journalist, writer”, he continued, wondering: “What is his program?”. “He is hiding behind his many hats and he does not intend, for the moment, to declare himself for the Presidency of the Republic, because if he does, what will you say to him? Beh what is your program ?”

Eric Dupond-Moretti, who was the lawyer for Mohammed Merah’s brother, also reacted to Eric Zemmour’s comments on the Jewish victims of the Toulouse and Montauban attacks in 2012. The polemicist had criticized the choice of the Sandler family to have their children buried in Israel.

“He chose to bury his family in Israel, because his son and grandchildren were killed because they were Jews and he wanted to prevent their graves from being desecrated by anti-Semitic bastards,” he said. declared the Keeper of the Seals.

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