HBO Max breaks prices in Europe to compete with Netflix

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(ETX Daily Up) – The Spaniards and Finns are very lucky! Series fans will be able to subscribe to HBO Max for less. To successfully launch in Europe, the American streaming platform cuts its prices by half! An exclusive offer to attract new subscribers. But beware, it won’t last.

HBO Max intends to compete with Disney + and Netflix in Europe. Launched this Tuesday 13 October in six European countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Spain and Andorra), the streaming platform unveiled new competitive prices which should finally convince the most reluctant to subscribe to yet another online service.

Available until 26 November

This is an exclusive and half-price offer that HBO Max is now offering to its future subscribers in Spain and Finland. If the first prices had been announced at the beginning of October (8, 99 euros per month), the subscription is now set at 4, 49 euros per month, according to information reported by Variety. A broken price launched as of 13 October but which will only last a time since the offer will end on 30 next November.

To attract new European subscribers, HBO Max has a few tricks up its sleeve . In addition to this half-price offer, the streaming platform offers its subscribers to benefit from it ad vitam aeternam. Only one condition is required to keep this reduction: do not unsubscribe from the platform. If a new user cancels their subscription and finally returns to the platform, they will no longer be able to benefit from this exclusive reduction.

HBO Max is trying everything to hope to exist against the behemoths that are Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney +. In comparison, the Netflix subscription for a screen is offered at 7, 99 in Spain while Disney + is available for 7, 50 euros per month for annual subscriptions, including up to ten devices.

On October 5, HBO Max already had unveiled reductions for the price of subscriptions in Sweden, going from 109 to 89 per month. The entertainment giant had also unveiled an attractive offer for Spain and Finland by offering an annual subscription for the price of eight months of subscription, or 5, 89 euros.

“With the launch in Europe today, HBO Max is now available in 46 territories globally. This is an important milestone as we continue to deliver on our ambition to roll out HBO Max globally with more territories to come in Europe and Asia next year “Johannes Larcher, head of HBO Max International, told Variety.

For its part, France will have to be patient. The arrival of HBO Max in France is not yet fixed and discussions are still ongoing. The content broadcast in the United States on HBO, a channel belonging to WarnerMedia, the group behind HBO Max, is offered exclusively on OCS in France, until 2023. One thing is certain: the price will weigh in the balance.

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