Haute-Garonne: “We all have an affinity with Jazz on its 31st” says Toulouse trumpeter Nicolas Gardel

the essential The group Swing Bones entrusted the keys to the truck to Toulouse trumpeter Nicolas Gardel to invent the group’s latest album, “La Part des anges”. The result, bluffing, is to be discovered this Saturday, in Léguevin, on the stage of the Jazz sur son festival 31…

That Swing Bones calls on you to compose their new album is a sacred mark of confidence…

Indeed but I have known the boys (1) for a long time and when they contacted me it was cool but it was also a challenge because I didn’t really have a notebook. charges. I had a lot of aesthetic decisions to make but it all turned out to be quite successful in the end. So the collaboration happened in a very natural, very friendly way and in a great musical osmosis.

How did you conceive this album?

In fact each member of the group plays jazz but each with its specificities so I made sure to be inspired by the way of playing of each one.

In the end it is a repertoire that was written to stick to their skin. And then on stage the roles are well defined and the moment of the concert is one of euphoria, joy, the desire to play! In addition, we all have an affinity with Jazz on his 31 that we have all been following for a while.

Do you have the feeling that the next generation of jazz is ready?

Yes, it happens every 7-8 years. In the Occitan region and in the Toulouse metropolis in particular, there is really a revival and a lot of young musicians who have a crazy talent. The only question I ask myself is how and where are these people going to play? It was already difficult to play before the period that we are going through and a lot of places are closing and a lot of restrictions are put in place.

So, I am delighted with the arrival of this generation but, at the same time, I am worried about their future…

Concerning you, if you had not played the trumpet, which instrument would have had your favors?

The drums, so as not to have to work on harmony because I’m too lazy! (laughs) No, obviously I’m kidding a bit but there is a connection to body energy in drums and percussion in general, whereas an instrument that you blow in requires more emotional control than you can. allow myself to let go I think on a more physical instrument like the drums.

After the Swing Bones adventure what are you going to prepare ?

I have a project in symphonic or chamber orchestra, I am working on a repertoire where I will revisit a lot of French song with a jazz trio, accordion and chamber orchestra. It’s on the starting blocks, it will be ready this winter. I have another quintet project but for the moment nothing is done…

Saturday 16 October to 21 h at the Tempo room in Léguevin (1, route de Toulouse). Free on reservation. Festival info point at gallery 3.1 (7, rue Jules Chalande in Toulouse). Phone. 05 31 45 05 92 and [email protected] 31. fr and Haute-Tourisme (14, rue Bayard). Phone : 05 61 99 34 . www.cultures.haute-garonne.fr

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