Haute-Garonne: “a superb adventure”, Bruno's first words after his elimination from the 12 Coups de Midi

the essential It is no longer the master of noon. After 252 participations in 12 noon shots, Bruno Hourcade was eliminated on Tuesday. He confides after an elimination that occurred last July.

The Fontenillois entered the history of 12 blows of noon. During his nine months on the show, Bruno Hourcade broke records. That of the biggest gain in a game show in France (more than a million euros). And the world record for solo wins. After 252 participations, the one who was the champion fell this Tuesday. He tells his new life in dotted lines. Interview.

Three million viewers watched your elimination on Tuesday. In fact, you knew it for a long time …

The shows are recorded several months in advance. We filmed my elimination on 16 July. Which makes a gap of almost three months.

Wasn’t it hard to keep the surprise?

The advantage is that my relatives knew about it. As they make appearances in the game, they quickly saw that I was no longer on the schedule. I didn’t have to lie to them. Which removes a considerable weight.

What is your assessment of your 9 months on the small screen?

It was a great adventure. When I applied, I didn’t expect to last that long, or to break records at all. I experienced my elimination very well, which was a fatal blow. The page of 12 turns of noon, it’s a new life that begins.

How do you see yourself?

My elimination has just been released. I am in the midst of the media whirlwind. When things calm down, my life will not be the same. I earned decades of salary, it’s going to be hard to get back to my old life. I have to manage my money and make investments.

Which is going to be very time consuming. I am calm, I have no financial difficulties. In the future, I might find a full-time job, but nothing certain.

Will you be making appearances in game shows?

It’s not planned. I lived the greatest possible adventure in France. I still did 9 months in game number 1. I would see if one day an adventure tempts me, only the future will tell. I will come back during the 12 bonuses of noon, which I will also continue to watch.

What do you wish for the new champion?

Let him go as far as possible and have fun. It’s just a game. If he wins money and gifts, that’s a bonus. I still have at least 9 months to take advantage of my record.

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