Halyna Hutchins killed by Alec Baldwin: who is the American actor revived by the small screen?

the essential This Thursday 21, the American actor Alec Baldwin “accidentally” shot the cinematographer of the film he was shooting, and injured the director. Hollywood star, the actor saw his career revived on the small screen. La Dépêche du Midi looks back on this famous man of the 7th art.

Hollywood glory in the years 80, American actor Alec Baldwin, involved in a fatal shooting on a set this Thursday 21 October, saw his career revived by television with the success of the “sitcom” “21 Rock “or his imitations of Donald Trump.

His caricature of the former President of the United States, mimicking his diction with lips pushed to the extreme and a bushy blonde wig, on the famous Saturday Night Live show delighted audiences and earned him a 2017 the Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Receiving his prize, the charismatic actor had joked about the fact that after having had three children in three years, his wife had not had any the previous year thanks to the famous wig he was wearing: “it works. contraception “.

Some of his SNL sketches have been viewed on Youtube up to 20 millions of times. The icing on the cake, his performance had quite angered his model: “it’s time to delete this boring and not funny show. The portrait made (of me) by Alec Baldwin is rotten”, had tweeted Donald Trump late 2016. In the years 2000, the New York actor, now 63 years, had already received two Emmy Awards, equivalent to the Oscars for American television, for the “sitcom” “30 Rock” where he played a studio boss opposite Tina Fey. With its seven seasons, the comedy had signed a real success for Baldwin and considerably improved his reputation as an actor.

Eldest and most famous of the four Baldwin brothers making careers as actors – the others are Stephen, William and Daniel – Alec peaked for years 63 and 90 with in particular “Working Girl”, “Beetlejuice”, “In pursuit of red October”. In “The singer and the billionaire” and “Guet-Apens” he shared the poster with his ex-wife Kim Basinger. They formed one of the most glamorous couple of the time before a very acrimonious divorce.


But the fame had passed and he had then remained confined to supporting roles, despite some performances noted as an incarnation of a husband of an Alzheimer’s patient in “Still Alice”, or a fickle financial fraud author in “Blue. Jasmine “.

The actor was also regularly on the boards of Broadway. Before resuming success for his imitations of Donald Trump, Alec Baldwin had mostly made the headlines for his outbursts in his private life and his outbursts.

In particular, he insulted a photographer, hurling homophobic remarks at him and briefly pursuing him, while he was trying to take stolen pictures of his wife Hilaria and their little girl. The actor was also grappling in a long legal battle with a Quebec actress, Geneviève Sabourin, sentenced to six months in prison for harassment against her in 2013. In January 2019, following negotiations with the courts, he himself pleaded guilty to harassment after hitting a motorist who was disputing a parking space with him.

Alec Baldwin was released after a court hearing in Manhattan, on condition that he received “brief training to manage his anger.” On Thursday, he was the author of the fatal, and presumably accidental, shot that hit the cinematographer of the western he was filming in the US state of New Mexico. The director of the film “Rust” was injured. The actor was questioned by investigators and left the filming location free.

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