Guillaume Louradour: “Fifigrot my grobébé is coming to Toulouse!”

the essential Programmer of the Toulouse International Film Festival (Fifigrot) since the beginning and also operator of cinemas in Argenteuil in the Val-d’Oise, Guillaume Louradour comes to celebrate the 10 years of the demonstration in Toulouse.

“Groland, I’ll die for you!” With his hand on his heart, Guillaume Louradour can undoubtedly appropriate the hymn of the presipacy that every good Grolandais must know. For ten years, this affable thirty-something native of Brive-la-Gaillarde who became Lotois and Toulousain, program feature films, contemporary films, heritage films and short films for the International Grolandais Film Festival in Toulouse. “The Fifigrot is a bit like my baby! During the months preceding the festival, I spend many evenings, in addition to my work as a programmer in the Le Figuier Blanc and the Jean Gabin rooms in Argenteuil, preparing for the edition, but the two professions intersect and complement each other. »

Ten years of festival in Toulouse

So here we are, the tenth candle to be blown out, the winner’s trophy (the Golden Amphora) bricked, the scheduled screenings, the impatient audience, everything is ready to celebrate with dignity an event which, originally, took place in Quend in the Baie de Somme. Patatras, everything stops in 2007 but Benoît Delépine and Gustave Kervern, the creators of the program “Groland” broadcast on Canal +, wanted to see the rebirth of ‘event: “They really like Toulouse, explains Guillaume Louradour, because showing their films here is always a moment of great emotion, thanks to the very receptive audience. During a promotional tour for a film, they met the Toulouse press cartoonist Jiho. The idea of ​​relaunching the festival in Toulouse germinates and Jiho involves Gérard Trouilhet, a big fan of the show who is very active within our association. Both mobilized a team and put Utopia in the loop. “The idea does not fall” on deaf ears. The young man, an employee of the rue Montardy cinema (now American Cosmograph) seizes the opportunity to get involved. It was in 2011, the first Fifigrot then took place in September 2012.

Revelation and memories

” A revelation ! “As a teenager, the cinema option at the high school in Brive-la-Gaillarde (Corrèze) opens up horizons:” The practice of cinema was not common in my family so in high school I discovered the Brive short film festival for which we were mobilized as students and as I was an intern I was often in the armchairs of the Rex, the art house cinema in the city. »When high school is over, head to Le Mirail in Toulouse in history school, then the Higher Institute of the Arts (INSAS in Brussels) to become a director. “It was there that I met someone who told me about training as a projectionist, a job I hadn’t thought about but which was my gateway to the world of cinema. A training later, Guillaume is at the helm in cinemas in Brive, Bretenoux, Souillac in the Lot, Andernos-les-Bains in Gironde and Utopia in Toulouse. “At Utopia, the operation was focused on versatility so I was able to do a thousand things, I really learned everything here and what I like most about cinema is really meeting people. work and the public in the cinema, whose energy I love. »From 2007 to 2012, Guillaume is therefore at a good school then a desire to take up studies are emerging. The competition section distribution-exploitation of the Fémis (1) in hand, contacts, aspirations and arises the opportunity to ensure the programming and the animation of the rooms Le Figuier Blanc and the Jean Gabin in Argenteuil. And the Fifigrot who has already provided his share of emotions, laughter, stress thanks to Nelly Kaplan (1931 – 2020) “libertarian female filmmaker with incredible energy”, Bertrand Blier “the eternal grumbler”, Albert Dupontel “who gave us cold sweats”, Benoît Poelvoorde “a fanatic difficult to follow but funny , a real movie star! »Nature which marked the history of the festival and more than one Grolandais cinephile…

Happy birthday Fifigrot

After Blanche Gardin, Jean Dujardin and others, the producer Sylvie Pialat will preside with an iron fist since the title of dictator / trice is used to designate the charge, the edition of the ten years of the event. “Sylvie is very serious,” explains Guillaume Louradour, “she sees all the films before the festival, which will give her time to discover the atmosphere. “For this anniversary, ten films make up the competition program, the Grolympiades will push the participants to surpass themselves and have fun. “Our trademark which, I think, appeals to film crews, is that here we allow time to meet the public and that we promote proximity. This year, more than a hundred guests are planned, with my fellow volunteers, we will run everywhere to accompany them as best we can! ” From Monday to Sunday 26 September in 31 places in Toulouse but also in Castelginest, Colomiers, Fenouillet, Grenade, L’Union, Muret, Tournefeuille.

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