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Motorists on the road to Samatan or that of Maurens, will shiver with pleasure this week. Indeed, the place called “Hangas” (at the intersection of roads, at traffic lights, near Ets Soumeillan) has therefore been transformed, within a week, into a theater of horror, for small and large. Claude Finazzi, a well-known and appreciated municipal employee in the town of Gimont, and all his lovely family, have indeed decorated the garden and house on the Halloween theme, with a certain success and a certain taste. On the program: decorations and cutouts of all kinds, skeletons, “life-size” guillotines and other graves in the middle of the London fog when night comes. A few hours of work and passion as a family, for a very successful result and a huge congratulations. Heartfelt and afraid to abstain !!!.

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