Gers. Auch-Memmingen: 31 years of marriage!

the essential Christian Laprébende, mayor of Auch, and his German counterpart signed a new twinning charter between the two cities on Friday.

On the occasion of 24 th anniversary of the twinning between the city of Auch and that of Memmingen, a German delegation, made up of the Bourgmestre from the Bavarian city Manfred Schilder, was invited by Christian Laprébende to the Town Hall on Friday. Just like, Ivo Holzinger, former mayor of Memmingen, signatory of the first charter between the two cities in 1990.

Renouvellement de la charte de jumelage à la mairie d'Auch, hier.
Renewal of the twinning charter at the town hall of Auch, yesterday. DDM – CM

After thanking the entire delegation for its presence, Christian Laprébende praised “the long-standing ties between the two cities”, while recalling their interests. “It was initially a question of perpetuating school relations between two high schools, but very quickly sporting, cultural and even professional exchanges took place. »Arrived Thursday in Gascony, the delegation will leave Sunday after having notably visited Auch and surveyed the Gers.

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