Germany: SPD, Liberals and Greens announce preliminary agreement to form government

the essential In Germany, the Social Democrats, who won the general elections, the Greens and the Liberals announced on Friday 15 October to be reached a preliminary agreement to form a new government.

The German Social Democrats, who came first in the general elections, the Greens and the Liberals announced on Friday that they had reached a preliminary agreement with a view to forming a new government. “We have indeed managed to agree on a document. It is a very good result, it clearly shows that a government can be formed in Germany”, greeted the Social Democrat Olaf Scholz, probable future chancellor in replacement of Angela Merkel, during a press statement with the leaders of the ecological and liberal parties.

These three movements, with very different programs, have been leading preliminary discussions since the beginning of October in an attempt to form this unprecedented coalition, without the conservatives of Angela Merkel who recorded the worst score in their history during the legislative elections of 26 September. On the basis of the document presented on Friday, the three parties will deepen their talks and open official negotiations addressing, point by point, all the details of a future alliance.

The formation of a new government in Germany is eagerly awaited by the country’s partners who fear months of paralysis, particularly at the EU level, if the political vacuum in Berlin continues. Olaf Scholz hailed Friday “a very good result”, which “clearly shows that a government can be formed in Germany ensuring that we make progress”. “We have managed to conduct intensive discussions until the early hours to put on the table a proposal for a coalition of reform and progress so that we can really use the next decade as a decade of renewal,” said the co. -President of the Greens Annalena Baerbok.

These advances do not yet mean that the “traffic light” coalition, according to the color of each of the three parties, will certainly be formed and that Olaf Scholz will succeed Angela Merkel in the chancellery, in post since 2005.

The continuation of the discussions between the parties should make it possible to develop a detailed common roadmap between the formations that many oppose , especially in terms of taxation, with liberals opposed to the tax increases envisaged by the SPD.

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