Germany: poisoning attempt at a university

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The prosecutor’s office in Darmstadt, Germany, has opened an investigation into “attempted murders” by poisoning at the university in that city, investigators announced yesterday.

Seven people were victims in this technical university near Frankfurt of a “poison attack” according to the Faculty of Darmstadt, one of which is in critical condition .

“Pungent smell”

They had eaten food or drinks in which “a harmful substance” had been introduced in particular in packages of milk and water containers “between Friday and Monday”, according to a joint statement from the police and the prosecution. They were hospitalized in the middle of the day on Monday. The state of health of a 28 year old student, between life and death, remained “critical”, police said Monday. No further information has since been released. Seven people were left with “serious health problems up to symptoms of poisoning,” police said in a statement.

According to the daily Bild , these victims, students and employees, all consumed drinks from a vending machine and a kitchen at the Institute of Materials Science in Darmstadt. They then complained of feeling bad and discovered that their arms and legs were turning a bluish color.

The exact substance could not be established at this point but it is characterized by a particular “pungent odor”, according to the investigators.

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