Germany: five things to know about Olaf Scholz, the probable future chancellor

the essential The Social Democrat Olaf Scholz should be the future Chancellor of Germany. He received 25, 7% of the votes against 16, 1% to the conservatives of the CDU / CSU of Armin Laschet, according to still provisional results. A coalition will likely be needed to govern. Who is the future chancellor really?

Germany, politically stable under Angela Merkel’s era for 14 an unusual political confusion after Sunday’s legislative elections. Olaf Scholz, leader of the social democrats of the SPD, came first with 24, 7% of votes against 16, 1% to the conservatives of the CDU / CSU of Armin Laschet who were never fallen under the 30%. The Greens totaled 14, 8% of the votes and the Liberals of the FDP 11, 5%. A government must be formed in the coming weeks. Olaf Scholz should be the next Chancellor.

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  • He has rich political experience

Olaf Scholz had been Vice-Chancellor and Federal Minister of Finance of Germany since March 2017. Entered politics in 1985, he was elected deputy, senator then he became secretary general of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) in 2002. In 2007, he was appointed Federal Minister of Labor and Social Affairs. In 2011, he became mayor of Hamburg. In 2018, he returned to the government to become Federal Minister of Finance.

  • He had to explain himself about an alleged money laundering

A few days before the legislative elections, Olaf Scholz had to come and explain himself to the deputies in a case involving the Ministry of Finance he heads. Suspicions of money laundering have not been brought to justice. The finance ministry was also strongly criticized last year during the bankruptcy of the company Wirecard, the biggest post-war financial scandal in Germany.

  • The Germans nickname it “the automaton”

The Germans nickname Olaf Scholz “Scholzomat”, a play on words that combines his last name, Scholz, and the word “automaton”. This nickname was found to mock its slow, steady phrasing reminiscent of an automaton. Another nickname: “Vati” alias “papa” echoing Angela Merkel who was nicknamed “mutti” that is to say “mom”.

  • He is a former lawyer

Olaf Scholz is a lawyer by training. He settled in 63 as a lawyer specializing in labor law in Hamburg. In 1998, at the age of 30 years, he puts the right aside to get into politics.

  • He has no children

Olaf Scholz, 63 years old, is married to a politician. Britta Ernst is Minister of Education and Youth for the Land of Brandenburg. She had held the same functions in the Land of Schleswig-Holstein between 2011 and 2014. The couple have no children and live in Potsdam.

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