Géraldine Nakache filming in Toulouse: “Agnès Jaoui, my idol!”

the essential Actress Géraldine Nakache is currently filming in Toulouse alongside Agnès Jaoui for the film “Le cours de la vie” by Frédéric Sojcher. Interview.

Happy to share the poster with Agnès Jaoui and Jonathan Zaccaï in the film currently filming in Toulouse, “The Course of Life”, actress and director Geraldine Nakache does not shy away from her pleasure and is still passionate about her profession …

What role is yours in “The Course of Life”?

It is that of Louison, the sister-in-law of Vincent the director of the school played by Jonathan Zaccaï. She is the manager in the establishment. And that’s the strength of this film because the intimate occurs at all times, in a rather fine and particular way each time. The film tells how to write cinema since it is a course on the scenario, by extension obviously, tells that to write the life, to make false, it is often to start from the truth in fact. And that therefore, everything is very coherent there, even on the way we make the film, with a lot of truth.

The climate of the shoot seems very serene, to what do you attribute this feeling?

Often the conditions are generated by the conductor who is the director and this relaxed approach comes from Frédéric Sojcher. As he has confidence, that he knows exactly where he is going, there is nothing better than being in a slightly marked out territory where you feel very free in the end. We can always invent more when we know precisely what the director wants. It’s very free.

How did you find yourself in the distribution of the film?

Thanks to one of the film’s producers, Véronique Zerdoun, who asked me one day who I dreamed of playing with. I kicked in touch because the question always makes me uncomfortable when journalists ask it, but she insisted and I quoted Agnès Jaoui. A few months later she asked me to read a script and told me that a male role would be changed for me. What touched me terribly at first, that doesn’t happen often… And then I was happy to be part of this adventure, apart from the fact that I could shoot with this actress who is my idol.

What is your passion for Agnès Jaoui?

She’s an idol to me, we all have them! Agnès and Jean-Pierre Bacri’s cinema rocked my childhood thanks to my brother, older than me, who watched them at home. To do just like him, I watched them after him! Seeing “Kitchen and outbuildings” and “The Taste of Others” I told myself that it smacked of truth, of life. It actually spoke to me because I liked the way they X-rayed people and then I liked Agnes’ voice.

Years later when I was taken for my first role in “Comme t’y es belle!” by Lisa Azuelos (2006) I sometimes remember when I did not feel legitimate or dumped on the set to say to myself “How would Agnès Jaoui do? How would she say it, she? “

” I sail between Toulouse and Corsica! “

In parallel with the film “Le Cours de la vie”, Géraldine Nakache is shooting season 2 of the series “La Flamme” for Canal +: “So I sail between Toulouse and Corsica! And a year ago, I also shot with the producer Véronique Zerdoun in “Vacances” by Béatrice de Staël which will be released in the first semester 2022 if there is not too much congestion in the cinemas. story of a woman with three children who needs to break free, to breathe. It’s called “Vacation” and strangely, it’s not so much vacation for her. “

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