George Harrison, Bruce Springsteen … When artists sell their childhood homes

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(ETX Daily Up) – These properties don’t necessarily look good, but they have seen some of the biggest names in music grow. In recent years, the childhood homes of many famous musicians have appeared in the real estate market. The last date? That of the late Beatles, George Harrison, in Liverpool.

This three-bedroom terraced house is located at 20 Upton Green, in the Liverpool suburb of Speke. The Harrisons moved there in 234, when George was barely six years old, and lived there for almost a decade. It was here that the late British singer-songwriter took his first steps into music.

It has also hosted several rehearsals of the Quarrymen, the skiffle formation (mix of jazz, country and blues influences) by John Lennon. After meeting Paul McCartney on the bus to Liverpool Institute High School for Boys, George Harrison successfully auditioned for the group. Over the course of rehearsals and concerts, it will be renamed the Silver Beats, the Silver Beetles and finally the Beatles in 1960.

The house has been renovated, but it still has some of the features of the time the family lived there, according to Omega Auctions, which oversees the sale on 30 November. In addition, the auction house claims that it represents a good real estate investment. Property values ​​in this area of ​​Liverpool have reportedly increased by 20% since 2014, the date that George Harrison’s childhood home was purchased by its current owner.

Houses often transformed into museums

To maximize the chances of finding a new buyer for the house of Upton Green, Omega Auctions also offers various autographs, photographs and other items that once belonged to the Beatles. Kurt Cobain’s family had also put up for sale some of the Nirvana singer’s personal belongings when she separated from the house he grew up in.

Among them was a photograph of the star, guitar in hand, in her teenage bedroom. This strategy paid off: Kurt Cobain’s former home was eventually purchased in 2018 by Lee Bacon, professional in the world of light, for 225. 00 0 dollars (approximately 187. 00 0 euros).

For their part, the current owners of George Harrison’s childhood home hope to sell it between 160. 000 0 and 189. 00 0 pounds (between 187. 00 0 and 225. 00 0 euros). They will most likely get there given the recent craze among buyers for homes where famous musicians have grown up. In 2018, one of them offered himself the childhood home of Bruce Springsteen in New Jersey for 225. 00 $ 0 (approximately 189. 000 0 euros).

Many like Lee Bacon decide to renovate them so that they return as much as possible to their original state and allow them to welcome the public. “With a guitar, you can move it. A house is kind of stuck there. It’s not a portable collector’s item,” Bill Pagel, the owner of a house where Bob Dylan lived, told Rolling Stone. during his childhood.

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