Gaby Petito case: in a new video, the young woman claims to have been abused by her boyfriend

the essential A new sequence, broadcast by the American police force, shows Gabby Petito, whose body was found on 12 last September in Wyoming, explaining being grabbed by her boyfriend Brian Laundrie. This one is still sought after.

The new elements disseminated by the American authorities never cease to overwhelm Brian Laundrie, the boyfriend of Gabby Petito, a young woman of 22 found dead on 19 last September in the state of Wyoming (United States). Images made public by the police and filmed on 12 last August, show the young American in tears, claiming to have been beaten by her boyfriend. They complete a sequence already known to the general public. We see among other things the police intervening in the middle of the American countryside, while Gabby and Brian have just had an argument. The images were recorded by one of the police officers’ on-board cameras. The young woman claims to have “brawled” with her boyfriend.

But the new sequence unveiled by the police goes further. Gabby Petito tells the agent that Brian Laundrie allegedly “grabbed” her by the cheek. “He didn’t, like, hit me in the face or anything,” Gaby Petito first explains to the officer who questions him. “He grabbed me, and with his fingernail, I guess that’s why it looks… I got cut right here (points her cheek) because I can feel it. When I touch it, it burns “, says the American.

” The gentleman was slapping the girl “

This 12 August 2021, the Moab, Utah, police force intervened with the couple then that a witness had reported to them to have attended a “domestic dispute” between the young woman and her boyfriend: “We passed in front and the gentleman slapped the girl”, had described the person concerned, according to CNN . “Then we pulled over. They ran down the sidewalk. He started hitting her, jumped in the car and they drove off.” Several witnesses have come forward in recent weeks and claim to have seen the couple, regularly arguing.

Until 19 last September, date of the discovery of Gabby Petito’s body. The young woman has since been buried. Her boyfriend, 23 years, is still wanted by the police. He had returned at the beginning of September to his parents’ home, before picking up some things and leaving for the Carlton reserve.

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