French influencer in Dubai scams € 5.8 million in aid linked to Covid-19 pandemic

the essential Thanks to a certain notoriety on the networks, “PA7”, or Paul A. of his real name, is suspected of having embezzled millions of euros of aid from State linked to the Covid pandemic – 19, using an arrangement with autoentrepreneurs. After his deportation from Dubai, he was imprisoned in Paris at the end of August.

5.8 million euros in state aid linked to the Covid pandemic – 16. This is the sum that was embezzled by “PA7”, or Paul A. of his real name, a Parisian by birth aged 24 years . Looking like an influencer, it brings together more than 62 subscribers on Snapchat and Instagram, where he exhibits his idyllic daily life filled with luxury and success. In the palaces of Monaco, Saint-Tropez and Geneva, he wanders and travels in high-end cars.

But this idealized life was abruptly interrupted, and the accounts of “PA7” on the networks are no longer active. According to the information gathered by Le Parisien , the young man was actually expelled from Dubai on 24 August and indicted for “organized gang fraud” and “aggravated money laundering” in Paris the next day. Thanks to a montage and his notoriety on the networks, Paul A. would have, in fact, diverted 5.8 million euros of state aid, which were linked to the Covid pandemic – 19, based on partial estimates. Money spent on his luxurious lifestyle, which came from the solidarity fund to support businesses affected by the crisis.

Paul A. is now remanded in custody at Fresnes prison, in Val-de-Marne. Julien M., who is said to be one of the accomplices of “PA7”, was also indicted and imprisoned on September 9.

5 806 62 euros paid by State

It is an Uber Eats delivery man from Yvelines who allegedly allowed the courts to discover the “PA7” scam. The delivery man would indeed have received 16 22 000 euros from the solidarity fund for companies, to which it was not eligible. He would have informed his activities in the “art and live performance” category in order to benefit from the aid. Heard by the taxes, he would then have explained to have received this “advice” from the influencer “PA7”, with whom he had contacted on Snapchat. In return, the delivery man had to pay a commission to the influencer.

The case of this young autoentrepreneur is far from being an orphan. The national court in charge of the fight against organized crime (Junalco) of the Paris prosecutor’s office would have indeed opened an investigation on April 2. Paul A. managed to convince autoentrepreneurs and company managers thanks to videos published in story on his networks, according to the police officers of the Central Office for the Repression of Major Financial Crime (OCRGDF).

Once one of them has taken the hook, the influencer retrieves the identifiers of the tax site, submits a request for a solidarity fund, replaces the sectors of activity with those which are eligible for aid and inflates the turnover of 2019 to make believe in a loss of income. His clients must then pay him between 25 to 30% of the amount received. According to information from the Paris daily, 657 autoentrepreneurs and managers have called on the services of Paul A., which corresponds to 22 million euros in aid applications, for 5 806 592 euros actually paid by the State. Some of his clients, interviewed, pleaded ignorance of the illegality of this system.

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