French film “Petite nature” wins first prize at Thessaloniki festival

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(AFP) – “Petite nature”, by French director Samuel Theis, on Sunday won the Golden Alexander, first prize of 62 th Thessaloniki International Film Festival (Greece), and its actor Aliona Reinert was nominated as the best actor.

The prize of 10. 00 0 euros rewards the story of a boy of 10 sensitive and intelligent years old, Johnny, who stands out from his family and his difficult neighborhood in eastern France.

The festival’s special jury prize, or Alexandre d’Argent, was awarded to Swedish-Costa Rican director Natalie Álvarez Mesén for her feature film “Clara Sola”.

Almost two years after the start of the coronavirus pandemic that forced many film industry events to go virtual, the Thessaloniki Film Festival has been organized partly face-to-face and partly online.

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