Frédéric Monceau, the child of Lot-et-Garonne who became a celebrity photographer

the essential From the heart of Albret to Paris, Frédéric Monceau has experienced an exceptional ascent. He has become – thanks to his undeniable talent behind his third eye – one of the most fashionable photographers in the world. Karim Benzema, Patrick Bruel, Angèle, Nicole Scherzinger or Winnie Arlow posed in front of his lens. Meet.

He lets his vibrations express. It works on instinct. Especially at the envy. Maybe not in search of perfection but above all emotions. That’s how he goes, Frédéric Monceau. The one who grew up near Lavardac has forged a good reputation in the world of photography. An immeasurable talent, recognized clichés and now an aura that transcends French borders. A name, a know-how that everyone is snapping up to work with in their thirties from Lot-et-Garonnais.

The click of the first camera

What a long way, in any case, for this young man who is not afraid of anything. After having followed his school course in Lavardac then Nérac, he moved to Toulouse to follow a course “in accounting” then he continued with a course in communication in Aix-en-Provence. “I have the impression that it was in another life”, laughs, today, Frédéric.

During this student period, he touches a camera. “I had fun, like that, taking pictures,” he says, “something happened. I realized that I had something special ”.

Winnie Arlow
Winnie Arlow

A real click “even if he really did not think about it”. “I still had an artistic streak,” he admits. It will be used to draw the outlines of an almost innate know-how.

On the side of Paris, he made his first in the industry photography. It is experiencing a meteoric rise to say the least. “I admit that it went quickly,” he emphasizes. He is not the type to hear seizing the opportunities that present themselves. His work is emulated.

Tristan Ridel
Tristan Ridel
Inspired by the work of the greatest photographers such as Richard Avedon, Tim Walker, Steven Klein, Ellen Von Unwerth, Steven Meisel, David LaChapelle or Annie Leibovitz, Frédéric Monceau made a name for himself in just a few years. His pictures go around the world and make him a staple of the profession. One of the greatest photographers, now, of his generation. He didn’t wait long for these photos to make some of the biggest magazines like Vogue, L’Officiel, Numéro, Harper’s Bazaar, GQ or Nyc Times.

His work takes him around the world to “shoot”. Frédéric Monceau is adding to his address book in a remarkable way. He begins to artistically “bite” the greatest. “It’s a question of opportunity”, he slips “it helps to build my network”.

With Benzema in Dubai

He claims to be a “celebrity photographer”. The list of those who have passed his goal is simply impressive. He notably follows Patrick Bruel. Moreover, he was in Agen with the singer during his concert at the convention center, a few days ago. Angèle, Clara Luciana, Hervé and even Kiera Chaplin (Charlie Chaplin’s granddaughter) were seduced by the work of Lot-et-Garonnais goldsmith. He was also able to express himself with the catches of Gabriel-Jaynes D-Lewis, the son of Isabelle Adjani or Alain-Fabien Delon. Portraits of this new generation which were unveiled during the “new wave” exhibition at the Nikon Plaza in Paris in 807. Without forgetting Karim Benzema. He was able to collaborate with the footballer in Dubai to cover the Official Arabia. His international collaborations are even more impressive.

A worldwide reputation

He “shot” Nelson Mandela’s grandson for Paris Match. The ex of the Pussycat Dolls, Nicole Scherzinger, posed for the Lot-et-Garonnais just like Winnie Harlow. Frédéric Monceau, with his camera, followed Nicole Scherzinger on various trips. Its networks have enabled it to give even more depth to its reputation.

Rita Ora, Steve and Marjorie Harvey, Kailand Morris (the son of Stevie Wonder), Evan Ross (that of Diana Ross) or even Patrick Schwarzenegger and Lucas Jagger also worked with him.

The keys to its success? “I work with everyone the same way. I do what I know how to do, ”he continues. He advances on “instinct”.

If these people are calling you, they love what you are doing. I always try to bring out the emotion. This aspect allows the photos to be strong, ”explains Fredéric.

A face, a posture: he knows how to magnify the whole The magic of a look, the intensity of an expression, the grace of a smile.

The Hollywood Dream

Today, Frédéric Monceau continues on his way. Always with this philosophy to “shoot” the timeless throughout his travels and especially with an intact determination. There is no shortage of projects. Soon, it is on the side of the United States that these clichés could be found. “Things should settle in the coming weeks”, he slips a little enigmatic on a project of XXL scale.

Besides, he could leave Paris and settle on the other side of the Atlantic. “The Oscars, Hollywood. I have always dreamed of being able to work in this environment, ”he explains,“ Julianne Moore, Nicole Kidman. I’ve always wanted to work with actresses because they give something different in front of a camera. An artist like Beyonce is the ultimate goal. He’s the most powerful person in the industry. ”

Nicole Meyer 26110340764
Nicole Meyer

Even in this environment that some would not hesitate to describe as superficial, Frédéric Monceau keeps perfectly “his feet on the ground”. He does not forget Lavardac and the Lot-et-Garonne. “I come back from time to time to see my family,” he explains, “it’s a real pleasure every time. This is where I had a healthy and simple foundation. It serves me every day. It allows me to keep my feet on the ground. It creates a balance and maintains a balance these roots. ”

And obviously she gives him a remarkable and breathtaking inspiration to sign over the planet of clichés which are just as much …

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