Fred Paco, the invitation to travel

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We know his sensitivity and his guitar playing for ten years, when he officiated in the duo Miss Edith. We find with joy Fred Paco solo, gazing at the horizon, a horizon of ocean and travel: “Courir le monde” A terribly endearing album, which confirms the melodic baraka of Toulouse, nourished by the Doors and the Black Keys as much as at Dominique A, Gainsbourg, La Maison Tellier or Yves Simon – let’s admit that we can come across worse influences. “I wanted to write songs about travel, he confides. A need for escape that would be as much the inner journey of a man, a woman. The idea at the heart of the album is this quest for freedom, for a place still free in the world … “These trips to the heart of Fred’s album – who composed and produced everything, apart from two texts signed by friend Thomas Cascales – are not not of those we dream of in a Hawaiian shirt and cocktail in hand and, if his music is always bright and sunny, it may be a question of a road to take to mourn a love or the painful journeys of determined migrants to live free, as in “The Robinsons”, unstoppable single of incredible beauty. “These Robinsons can be these people who are leaving Africa, Syria, the Middle East, but also the Mexicans who are trying to rally America and, in our rich countries, young people in disarray…”, underlines the artist.

Recorded in November 2020 in a studio of the Union, near Toulouse, these magnificent songs, at the warm sound and arrangements of rare elegance, just waiting to live on stage now, in a refined guitar-voice formula – a good song has never needed more than that -, and we can’t wait to see them, too, take to the road. Cap on our hearts.

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