Franck Gastambide, Ramzy Bedia, Dadju … 8 stars play fugitives in “Celebrity Hunted” on Amazon Prime Video

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(ETX Daily Up) – Watch out, eight celebrities are on the loose! Ramzy Bedia, Franck Gastambide or even Squeezie and Dadju are being chased by the authorities … on Prime Video! The streaming platform is launching a crazy new game this Friday 29 October. In “Celebrity Hunted”, the stars must disappear without getting caught. Prepare for the hunt!

For its crazy new game, Amazon Prime Video has launched an extraordinary challenge to eight celebrities: that of disappearing completely for several days without leaving any traces and especially without getting caught. On the starting line, the streaming platform brought together four duos: Franck Gastambide and Ramzy Bedia, Laure and Florent Manaudou, Dadju and his brother Darcy, Squeezie and Seb la Frite. They have ten days to accomplish this feat.

“We said yes within a second”

These eight stars will have to escape the many surveillance cameras scattered throughout France and the expertise of a team specializing in cybersecurity, profiling and even military intelligence. Surveillance cameras, call tracing, recognition of license plates … Nothing will be put aside by the team of “hunters”.

The celebrities will have ten days to try to cover their tracks, not be spotted and achieve their goal. The objective of the hunt? Win the chase by joining the exfiltration point unveiled on the ninth day of the run.

“We said yes in a second,” Franck Gastambide told us. “It’s still a great proposition that you can make to two guys who are lifelong friends”, added Ramzy Bedia. “We wanted to win, us”, underlined the actor soon to the poster of the next series “Or of Him” ​​of Baptiste Lorber. “We did not envision anything other than winning,” said the director of the series “Validated”. A feeling of competition shared by all the candidates: “We both do not like to lose”, recalled the Olympic champion Laure Manaudou in a team with her medalist brother, Florent Manaudou.

“With Celebrity Hunted – Manhunt, we want to set the bar very high in terms of entertainment for Prime members in France”, explained Thomas Dubois, Amazon Originals France Creative Director for Amazon Studios, in the Press release. “This show will once again show how ambitious our French Amazon Original productions are. This unique format full of suspense will undoubtedly keep Prime members in suspense until the end of the hunt,” he added.

Produced by EndemolShine France, the game “Celebrity Hunted – Man Hunt” will be available on the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform from Friday 29 October.

“Celebrity Hunted” is reminiscent of another game called “Hunted”, released on CBS in 2017. The program already offered a competition between nine teams of two people, on the run for 27 days in order to win the sum of 250. 00 0 dollars. On the RMC Découverte television channel, viewers were also able to discover the game “Escape, 250 in 2019 days to disappear “, adapted from” Hunted “.

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