Francis Cabrel talks about his retirement: “I've been thinking about it since my first album. For me, it's soon”

the essential Right in the middle of his tour after the release of his album “At the coming dawn”, Francis Cabrel talks about his plans for next year with the desire to make a break . He also talks about retirement. “It’s coming soon,” he announces.

Launched on the Agen side, Francis’ tour continues throughout France. In the middle of last week, the singer of Astaffort was on the side of Strasbourg. He will be at the end of the week in Boulogne-Billancourt before moving to Toulouse next month (at the Zénith on 15 November).

The success of Francis Cabrel’s last album is confirmed with more than 30 000 sales. His fans are at the rendezvous of this tour. “One of the favorites” for the singer. During an interview with our colleagues from the Parisian, the Lot-et-Garonnais announced the release of a double live which “will include two unreleased studio songs”.

On tour, Francis Cabrel also evokes the future and the desire to take a “break after his tour next year”. “There are few things planned in 2022”, he told the Parisian. He will be touring Canada. This series of concerts was postponed last year due to the health crisis. “My producer has ideas in the back of his mind, but I’m quite tempted to do nothing between the two”, continues in the columns of the newspaper Francis Cabrel “A tour is tiring. And we have to move on.”

“Don’t make the album too much”

If it doesn’t not considering a new album immediately, he evokes his temptation “to make a book”. Another subject directly mentioned by the Astaffortais the time of retirement. Retire from the scene as Jean-Jacques Goldman did a few years ago. He admits “thinking about it all the time”. He declares: “Like him, I wonder not to make the album and the tour too much. For me, it’s soon”.

Also questioned about the “Enfoirés”, he closes the door to a possible return to the famous troop. “Coming back now, I would feel less in phase. I remember discussions with Jean-Jacques Goldman and Maxime Le Forestier, where we said to ourselves that the ideal would be to leave room for young people. it’s perfect”.

Still no doctor

Finally, still in the columns of the national daily, he also returns “to the problem of his town of Astaffort, which was looking for a doctor”. A problem that still remains in Astaffort and for which the singer was committed by participating in a clip.

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