France Télévisions ordered to pay € 10,000 to “the man with the shovel in his underwear”

the essential A man who appeared armed with a shovel and in underpants, in a report on the poaching of finches in the Landes, will receive 10 000 € in damages from France Télévsions.

The audiovisual group France Télévisions was ordered this Wednesday to pay 10 000 euros in damages to a hunter of the southwestern France, despite himself becoming a social media star after appearing in underwear, armed with a shovel, in a report by 2015.

This judgment of the court of Dax (Landes) which “brings the law into conformity with morality by recognizing this intolerable attack on the right to the image” of Jean-Marc Dutouya, affirmed his lawyer, Me Frédéric Dutin.

On November 9 2015, half a dozen members of the Bird Protection League (LPO) entered a field in the village of Audon (Landes) to destroy several matoles ( small bird traps) in order to denounce the poaching of finches, a protected species. During this action, regular in this region in this season, the activists and journalists were taken to task by the owners, the Dutouya. The altercation, between insults, threats, pushes and shovels, had lasted several minutes until the arrival of the gendarmes. Mr. Dutouya’s 80-year-old mother had been pushed around. Four journalists’ vehicles had flat tires.

In July 2018, Jean-Marc Dutouya was sentenced on appeal to a fine of 400 euros for violence with a weapon. In the meantime, he had become in spite of himself a star of social networks, where his photo in underwear and T-shirt, armed with a shovel, had been the subject of countless hijackings.

“Can a man at home in his garden be delivered to pasture anyhow? Justice said no”, welcomed Me Dutin, specifying that his client, who claimed 200 000 euros in damages, was “extremely satisfied”.

France Télévisions, which had not reacted at first, will also have to pay 5000 euros in procedural costs and blur the images of the hunter, according to Me Dutin.

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