France has an incredible talent: the breathtaking act of a contortionist locked in a box

the essential New dance, song or magic numbers were presented in the auditions of “France has an incredible talent” on Wednesday evening.

He arrived on stage with his assistant to the background of Indian music. 60 contortionist Roman Kricheli, specializing in different yoga positions and body flexibility, came to try his luck in “France has an incredible talent”.

Quickly, two of the jury members, Hélène Ségara and Sugar Sammy, put a red cross on the contortionist. Roman Kricheli continues his number. His son who plays the role of his assistant brings a plexiglass box 25 cm wide. Will he try to get inside? “I can hardly believe it”, comments Hélène Ségara. And yet: he will manage to get into the box before his assistant comes to close the door. “It’s incredible,” reacted host Karine Le Marchand. “He is alive!”, Said Eric Antoine, another member of the jury, as Roman Kricheli began to come out of the box.

The number naturally gave free rein to the imagination of Internet users who imagined themselves trying to close their suitcase or board a crowded train in the Paris metro.

After the performance, Hélène Ségara explained that it was “painful” to watch the number but that she had seen “a real performance”. Sugar Sammy explained that the start of the issue was too long for his liking, but that he was “fascinated”. Corrosive as often, he said that the number had reminded him of “his last trip with Easy Jet” or “Eric Antoine getting into a Fiat 500”. For his part, Eric Antoine reminded Roman Kricheli that this type of number was very old but that he found it “fascinating” with him.

At the time of the vote, Hélène Ségara and Sugar Sammy withdrew their red cross, Marianne James voted yes and Eric Antoine no. The contortionist can therefore continue the adventure.

Roman Kricheli, originally from Israel, had already tried his luck in “American’s got talent”, the American version of the program, last June. In 2020, he was a finalist in the Romanian version of the show. It was in 2018 that he cast the show in Israel.

Roman Kricheli has been practicing yoga for over forty years and is now turning it into a mind-blowing act.

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