France has an incredible talent: Bridget, a candidate “a little turned on”, who sings about the pandemic

the essential “France has an incredible talent” made its big comeback Wednesday evening on M6. A candidate called Bridget did not go unnoticed by either the jury or the public.

It is off again for a new season of “France has an incredible talent”. Among the first auditions broadcast Wednesday evening, the performance of Bridget stood out. His talent ? The song. She has even made it her profession since the Covid – 19. She writes, composes and sings.

If the 49 year-old candidate from Lyon chose the name Bridget, “it’s because it’s Brigitte’s English and I sing in all countries ” (all countries). She also regularly uses words in English, a bit like Jean-Claude Van Damne. A candidate “a little on”, believes the host Karine Le Marchand!

For her audition, Bridget arrives on stage dressed in a turquoise silk bathrobe, bare feet and sunglasses. She announces that she is going to sing “a composition which is expressly for this pandemic” and that she has written it in 2011. “So you were planning the pandemic?” Asks one of the Sugar Sammy jury members. “That’s it,” Briget replies. “Are you the Bill Gates of French song?” Retorts, a bit mockingly, the juror. “If you want !”

Before singing, Bridget takes off her bathrobe and the audience discovers a very tight dress with very low neckline from the front and down to the bottom of the back. Sugar Sammy immediately buzzes his disagreement. The candidate begins to sing and dance a little and the least we can say is that several notes are wrong … For Hélène Ségara, it is also a red cross. Eric Antoine gets up and starts dancing while Karine Le Machand sings the chorus backstage. The hearing ended, Eric Antoine exclaims: “Ah the sunstroke!”

The jury is severe: “It was a disaster” for Sugar Sammy, “you did not show me the greatest of your facets” reacted Hélène Ségara, for Eric Antoine the candidate “seeks the sun, seeks a stylist, is looking for a singing teacher “. The three jurors voted no, only Marianne James gave a “yes of sympathy”. Bridget went back home to seek the sun …

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