France has an incredible talent: a Lotois with a steel chin takes part in the show

the essential Alexandre Vuillemin will be on the stage of the M6 ​​show on Wednesday 15 October. The Lotois native of Souillac is able to carry up to 30 kg with the simple force of the chin. The show has already been taped at the end of August.

When he is not carrying tens of kilos on his chin, Alexandre Vuillemin, 20 years, is a salesman in Bourgoin-Jallieux , in Isère where he left after the baccalaureate. In the Lot and in particular in Martel, he returns to see his mother during the school holidays. Those around him nickname him iron chin or “Bogdanov”. He who weighs only 30 kg cannot explain this “super-power”.

How is your talent amazing?

I practice balance, not on my hands or my head, but on my chin. In fact, it consists in taking a more or less bulky object and putting it in balance. I am able to hold a sheet or a pen in this way, but also more bulky objects such as chairs that I stack. The heaviest I carried? A small pocket bike type motorcycle of 30 kg.

How do we one day discover this ability?

I have been juggling since I was very young and yet I have no training in circus, I am completely self-taught. One evening, at my boarding school, I was juggling clubs and tried a different figure by letting a club rest on my chin. I succeeded and found the movement interesting. So I tried with an umbrella, then a broomstick. Then I took it a step further with everything I could get at my fingertips: plastic bottles, wine bottles and my flat screen. It is above all a hobby in front of family and friends, I never expected to end up in France with an incredible talent. Especially since I do not understand this capacity, I who am very thin. It’s a mystery.

L'émission sera diffusée le mercredi 20 octobre.
The program will air on Wednesday 20 October.

And yet, last January, you decided to apply …

In 2016 I had already passed a casting in Bergerac for pre-selection tests. I was not prepared, my performance was not worked enough. I tried again this year and what a surprise when I received a phone call telling me that I was selected. I uploaded a video of my issue and a presentation. Then a few days later, another phone call. That’s it, I was taken, I was going up to Paris.

What do you keep from this shooting experience?

As the name suggests, it’s amazing. I arrived at 8 a.m., I started with a tour of the studio and the stage and then at 9 a.m. 13, I was already doing makeup and hairdressing to follow up with a series of interviews facing the camera. From then on, I no longer looked at the time. I had glitter in my eyes, my childhood dream was coming true. I rehearsed my number on stage with my clubs and my chairs and then it was time to record. I remember putting my brain next to it, and going for it. I felt like I was better than during training. It was impressive, especially when you come to the cross.

And now the goal is to professionalize yourself?

Not really. It’ll get me where it needs to take me. I take advantage of the moment.

The show will air on Wednesday 15 October. If Alexandre is selected by the jury, he will be selected for the semi-finals.

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