France has an incredible talent: a candidate sings “we do not change a light bulb that works”

the essential Each season of “France has an incredible talent” has a wacky candidate. This is the case of Régis who came to sing. The lyrics have inspired many internet users on social networks.

Dance, mime, singing … Every year since 2006, “France has an incredible talent” gives a chance to multiple candidates. Some move the jury, others make them cry and others annoy them.

Among the candidates for the second issue of the season, there was Régis Bobo. This computer scientist, singer-songwriter, came to sing. He then began to sing “All that she wants” from the Swedish group Ace of base with several wrong notes. Quickly, Sugar Sammy and Hélène Ségara activate their red cross. Eric Antoine, another member of the jury, interrupts Régis and asks him to perform one of his own compositions.

And what was the surprise of the jury on hearing the words … The chorus repeated: “We do not change a bulb that works, stop wasting, we do not change a mobile phone that works, stop wasting”. A heady tune during which Régis Bobo came down from the stage to sing in front of each member of the jury.

If Eric Antoine and Marianne James were standing and dancing, Hélène Ségara remained seated and Sugar Sammy remained unmoved. At the time of the vote, Eric Antoine voted yes and the other three members of the jury voted no.

The “WTF candidates”

Last week, “France has an incredible talent” gave Bridget a chance, a candidate “a little turned on” according to host Karine Le Marchand. Last season, there was Téo Lavabo and his “Chipolata” or Cyril and his song “Respect”. As Télé-Loisirs explains, the production nicknames these candidates the WTF for “what the fuck” in French). “There are enthusiasts who believe that they have their place and they are right. If the services challenge us, we propose them to the jury”, explains to our colleagues the director of programs at FremantleMedia France Déborah Huet. “We have always considered that the strength of the program was diversity, to offer any form of art, even the most quirky.” Often eliminated after their performance, these candidates make the buzz. What to talk about the show …

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