For the second time in history, a woman is cured of AIDS without resorting to any medical treatment

the essential In Argentina, a woman who was HIV positive recovered “naturally” from the virus, without resorting to any medical treatment. This is the second time that the scientific community has observed this type of phenomenon.

The human body is able to recover on its own from the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV): this is in any case the lesson that can be learned from the remission of a woman from Argentina, who had contracted AIDS. In an article published this Monday 15 November in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine , the community scientist enthusiastically affirms that a patient (who wished to remain anonymous) managed to get rid of the virus without any medical treatment: this is the second time that this has been observed.

This patient had been diagnosed with HIV in 2013. This was the subject of particularly complex medical monitoring. In 2017, an international team of researchers took an interest in his DNA and in 2020, they wanted to examine his placenta, after childbirth. After sequencing billions of cells, the researchers claimed that no trace of HIV had been detected.

Four people recovered from AIDS

Globally, only four people have been declared “cured” of AIDS. Two of them – the “Berlin patient” and the “London patient” – received medical treatment. They received a stem cell transplant. In 2020, the case of Loreen Willenburg (nicknamed the “patient from San Francisco”) was shared by the scientific community. She recovered from HIV without receiving medical treatment. With this new case of cure, the scientific community intends to look at these “elite controllers”, that is to say those people whose immune system would have naturally managed to remove all traces of the human immunodeficiency virus.

For her part, the one we now call the “patient Esperanza” (hope, editor’s note) had a daughter (who is not HIV-positive). She is also expecting a second child with her partner. “Just to think that my condition could contribute to the achievement of a cure for this virus makes me feel a great responsibility and a great commitment to make this a reality,” the patient told the media STAT .

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