Footballer Eric Abidal to divorce: 5 things to know about his wife Hayet

the essential Direct consequence of the aggression of the PSG player Kheira Hamraoui: the case revealed that the player had an affair with the footballer Eric Abidal. The wife of the ex-Barça player will file for divorce.

It was the violent assault on PSG player Kheira Hamraoui, with an iron bar, that started it all. The investigators first learn that the attackers would have launched to the player: “So like that, we sleep with married men?” Then, during their investigation, they discover a SIM card in the name of former footballer Eric Abidal in the player’s cell phone. It is precisely Eric Abidal that she called after his assault. The link necessarily intrigued the police.

The link was quickly established: Kheira Hamraoui had a relationship with Eric Abidal who is a married man. His wife Hayet Abidal made it known, via her lawyer on Friday, that she was going to file for a divorce in Barcelona. She wants to wash her honor and her reputation tarnished by rumor, “said her lawyer Me Nicolas Cellupica.

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Who Hayet Abidal really is: Here are five things to know about the wife of the former football international.

  • Éric and Hayet have known each other since childhood

Born in 67, Hayet Kebir has known Eric since their childhood in Lyon. He played soccer, she did gymnastics. They fell in love over the years 2000. They were married in July 2006.

  • At his side in his career

Little known to the general public, Hayet Abidal followed her husband footballer from Lyon to Barcelona via Monaco, Olympiakos in Greece and obviously when he played 14 times with the Blues jersey. She was naturally by his side when Eric Abidal suffered from a liver tumor in 2007 and brought home the Champions League the same year. .

  • The couple have five children

Hayet and Eric Abidal have four daughters and a boy: Meliana in 2000, Camelia in 2006, Leyna in 2007, Kenya in 2016 and Edan in 2017.

  • She manages the Abidal foundation

Once cured of his cancer, Eric Abidal started a cancer-fighting foundation with Hayet. The young woman was in charge of the activities of the foundation. To raise funds, Eric Abidal even participated in Fort Boyard on August 6 2011.

  • Supported by her friends

Hayet Abidal has received several public supports since the revelation of Eric Abidal’s adventure with the PSG player. Franck Ribéry’s wife, Wahiba, posted a photo of Hayet Abidal by his side in his Instagram story with the message: “Together since the beginning my sister”. She also received public support from Hélène Sy, wife of actor Omar Sy, who posted a photo of Hayet Abidal by her side, accompanied by several hearts.

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