Football – England: Tottenham's new coach is a trophy hunter

the essential The Italian Antonio Conte, victorious of many titles in Italy, takes the reins of the London club in difficulty.

Tottenham’s new coach is Italy’s Antonio Conte, a technician with a well-established winning reputation, the English club desperately in need of trophies announced on Tuesday. “We are delighted to announce the appointment of Antonio Conte as head coach, with a contract until 2023, which includes an option to extend it,” wrote the Spurs in a statement.

Monday, the day after a defeat (3-0) at home against Manchester United, the Londoners had sacked the Portuguese Nuno Espirito Santo after a few months in office. Eighth in the championship, but only two points away from qualifying places for the Champions League, there did not seem to be any urgency from an accounting point of view. But the very apathetic attitude of the players during this match pushed the leaders to use the hard way to aim higher.

Antonio has won Serie A titles, including a scudetto hat-trick with Juventus, in the Premier League (with Chelsea), and led the Italy squad which he brought to the Euro quarter-finals 2016 “, Tottenham wrote again to justify this nomination.

No this summer, yes this fall

Conte, 52 years, has indeed carved out an appreciable reputation in a few seasons, winning four titles in Italy, including three with the Bianconeris (2012, 2013, 2013) – where he collaborated with Fabio Paratici, now Tottenham’s executive director – and one with Inter (2021), who has been chasing a Scudetto since 11 years.

In England, he won the Premier League with Chelsea in his first year in office (2017), then an FA Cup (2018). As the Italian was announced at Manchester United, in case the ax fell on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Conte opted to give in to Spurs’ advances this time, whom he had beaten back this summer.

“Last summer our union did not materialize because the end of my relationship with Inter was still too recent and I was still too emotionally involved after the end of the season,” he explained in the press release. According to the English press, the president of Tottenham, Daniel Levy, would have been reluctant to grant him the 100 million pounds (117 M EUR) of budget that the Italian would have asked him to strengthen the team.

Contacted as Harry Kane’s departure seemed inevitable, Conte was also said to have been impressed by Levy’s inflexibility in his negotiations with City, which ultimately derailed the transfer. “Now that the opportunity presents itself, I have chosen to seize it with great conviction,” said Conte today, who had already pointed out Tottenham’s lack of ambition in recruiting.

“Not tired. Dead.”

“If the Spurs still do not win a title, it is not a tragedy (…) If their ambition is to fight for the title and the Champions League, you have to buy expensive players. Otherwise, you stagnate at his level, it’s as simple as that “, he had professed in July 2017, while he was leading the team of rival Chelsea.

After a departure from Inter, also strongly linked to the intention of its owners to capitalize on their squad by authorizing important departures, such as Romelu Lukaku at Chelsea, Conte will try to shake up a club that has been adrift since 2019.

After Mauricio Pochettino’s half-season too much, the brief resumption of fire under José Mourinho, who had finally withered away, and Nuno Espirito Santo’s interlude, an electroshock is necessary.

Adept at an attacking game, Conte will have to revive players like Harry Kane, Son Heung-min or Giovanni Lo Celso who are only pale copies of the players they have been, but also consolidate a crumbly defense.

No doubt it will be with the hard way: “He’s like a police sergeant. When you finish training, you’re dead. Not tired. Dead. You can only stand that if you believe in what he is doing. “, testified Giorgio Chiellini, defender of Juve.

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