Foix. Sìlvia Pérez Cruz enchanted the Estive

the essential On Wednesday, the singer and musician Sìlvia Pérez Cruz seduced the public of the national scene of Ariège.

The Estive room was well filled this Wednesday to welcome Sìlvia Pérez Cruz and her beautiful song. Sober, all dressed in black, surrounded by her instruments like a tamer, the artist immediately captures her audience to the sound of a few crystalline piano notes. And then, the voice soars out, powerful, and as if coming from the depths. If she trained in lyric singing at the Catalonia college, Sìlvia Pérez Cruz also thrills her other influences, she who has chosen paths off the beaten track. The piano is followed by the flamenco guitar and immediately, the room travels to the rhythm of Hispanic chords. Solo version of the show “Farsa” (genero imposible), the concert tells the story of the singer’s multiple collaborations with artists from other horizons, cinema, theater and dance, as many media that are felt that evening in the choice of staging. A first guitar-voice part is followed by more tribal music, highlighted by a halo of light, so powerful that it eclipses the singer whose only voice resonates, and who gradually fills with smoke and grows up to envelop the spectators… Suddenly, the effect disappears and we find Sìlvia on percussions, accompanying her song with a bewitching rhythm. The words of the poets also meet, those of Ana Maria Moix, disappeared in 2014, whose magnificent “Mañana”, whose singer made a small light and sensitive waltz, is before quite a hymn to life. Or those of Miguel Hernàndez with this superb text, “Todas las madres del mundo”.

Exchanges with the public

Playing with her audience, echoing the “lalala” of a little girl who, in the room, dances with her hands, Sìlvia Pérez Cruz makes this shared moment a warm and tender moment. Her smile, omnipresent, says all the pleasure she has to find the scene after these two chaotic years. Two years during which she could not see her friend Charlotte, an accordionist from Toulouse, who comes to join her on stage for the encore and happily accompanies the last two songs, which follow a live cover of Simon’s “Sound of silence” and Garfunkel, which the singer’s voice colors with Spanish tones. The room is under the spell and when the lights come back on and the two musicians greet each other, broad smiles, the singer’s words still resonate: “Let us take care of the culture and it will take care of us”. This Wednesday, the song of Sìlvia Pérez Cruz took care of us.

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