Florent Dasque, looks on a Boulevard born in Tarbes

the essential Seventeen years to spend the courtyard of the Lycée Marie-Curie at the biggest stages. Florent Dasque gives us an inside view of the incredible Boulevard des Airs course.

It was Chez Marcel, in his restaurant in Tarbais that we met Florent Dasque, guitarist, singer and co-founder of Boulevard des Airs with Sylvain Duthu. Ten years after the group’s emergence on the French scene, it offers us an inside view of an incredible journey punctuated by three nominations for the Victoires de la Musique and several gold and platinum records.

What do you think of these two high school students from Marie-Curie who created the group?

It’s amazing to think that this adventure started in the playground not far from here. I meet Sylvain, you make music, too. We set up a group which is immediately called Boulevard des Airs with our compositions. We played twice a year and we can’t imagine for a second what will happen in the next years.

What is the trigger that brought you to the forefront?

There have been several. We created the group and for 7 years we worked, we made small recordings. But we had the impression of having a kind of glass ceiling which prevented our being heard beyond Toulouse. We were preventing us from moving to another scale, from accessing radio stations, televisions and major stages. In 2011 leaves Paris Buenos Aire, first album and first important marker. And Cielo Ciego, which we had written here, whose clip was shot with small means in the streets of Tarbes, was spotted by someone who sends it to the media. The radios program it. With Cielo Ciego we go from the status of a group that rarely leaves its department to a national broadcast with calls from all over France for concerts. A huge leap for the group that goes from amateur to professional. There followed a major tour in 2012, the nomination in the Stage Revelation category of the Victoires de la musique. And in 2015, the Brussels album takes us another leap forward with many titles featured in the media and a Zénith tour.

Do you want to be the big brothers who help groups to overcome this glass ceiling?

With the sets, the tours, we met a lot of talents. Making good songs is great. But there are so many steps to take. We set up a label and a whole production structure for groups that have the same ideas as the one we had at the beginning. To provide them with advice, guide them to pathways, find shortcuts, put them in touch with press officers. And avoid them a lot of pitfalls that we had to deal with. We have learned, we are still learning because we did not grow up in this environment.

Tarbes remains important to you?

Yes, clearly! We still love the place where we grew up: we were born here, we wore the colors of Tarbes in sport, Boulevard des Airs was born here. We really like to cut the rhythm of the tour, of the promotion. It does us good to come back here, to chat with people without talking about the TV we did the day before and to go together to see a handball, football or rugby match. It helps us. We are often in Paris but we come back here to find calm, far from the pressure. It is not by chance that the group’s albums were matured here, were recorded here,.

One last album born in full confinement

Boulevard des Airs was on tour when confinement was declared. A blow for a group which is very attached to the scene. But music quickly returns when the need to create artists takes over. And since everyone found themselves in the same situation, collaborations have multiplied. Barely a year later, the fruit of this first confinement is delivered in the form of an album of 24 titles with unreleased records and guests like Jeremy Frerot, Vianney, Lola Dubini, Claudio Capéo, Gauvin Sers, Tibz, Yannick Noah, Doya, Patrick Bruel, Tryo.

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