Fleurance. Rugby: hopes on the line

Team 1: ASF 42 – Nafarroa 14.

With this enhanced victory, the ASF integrated the leading trifecta of the hen with the ambition to stay there.

Hopes: ASF 20 – Nafarroa 13.

For ASF: 2 Francois and Millau essays; 2 Devalle transformations and 2 Devalle penalties.

The Espoirs start this game well with a scrum that advances and a try concluded between the posts. Then after the team foils and that gives wings to the Basques who never let go. And it’s gone for an hour from you to me. A few minutes from the end of Nafarroa’s test which equalizes! We play the stoppage time and on a final action Captain Millau pierces the defense of Nafarroa to point in the in-goal: victory 20 to 13 and great deliverance! Victory yes but a certain lack of humility, it will therefore be necessary to rectify at Bagneres next Sunday to avoid any disappointment. Respect therefore for these leaping Basques who decidedly never give up and bravo all the same to the Fleurantins for having believed in it to the end.

The team: Bertolissi, Bringolf, Moncassin, Francois, Miculick, Pailhe, Devalle, Millau (cap), Dalla Barba, Begue, Poles, Charles, Debladis, Muradore, Yuste and Dalarosa, Torres, Turro, Zaccariades, Cloutrier, Tabarot.

Among young people:

U 16: after an interesting match against Masseube despite the defeat but with a good state of mind, the team sank this weekend in St Girons in front of an opponent already well in place. There is work on the board but the work always pays.

U 19: like their cadets, the U 19 were coming out of a good match against Masseube with a short defeat … but Saturday in Saint Girons it was a bitter failure because the team was deficient in all areas. We must also continue to work and work harder to be more competitive.

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