Fleurance. Parisian TV is interested in the products of the Gers table

Many curious people wondered about the presence of several people in the city center, camera in focus and microphone in hand, preparing for France Tv a program on local products. It was Mickaël Mesigos (originally from Lagarde-Fimarcon, former collaborator of “La Dépêche duMidi”, well known to the Lectourois tourist office), journalist in television entertainment in Paris who came, assisted by Alexandre Simon, on camera, report on “living well in Fleurance and the surrounding area”. The actor Jérôme Lhospital lent himself to the audition and explained to the hosts that it is the season of porcini, wood pigeons and grape harvests. Moreover, he led this team to these places for a shoot that should interest the inhabitants of the capital and especially make their mouths water by seeing these beautiful platters of mushrooms decorated with local charcuterie and oronge carpaccio. . A real moment of pleasure during this filming which should bring economic benefits to our territory in some time.

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