Fishing: Macron and Johnson for “a de-escalation” in the “next days”

the essential Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson decided on Sunday 31 October to work on “practical measures” in “the next few days” to promote “de-escalation “in the fishing dispute between France and the United Kingdom.

French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson decided on Sunday to work on “practical measures” in “the very next few days” to promote “a de-escalation” in the fishing dispute between France and the United Kingdom , announced the Elysee.

This is to ensure that “practical and operational measures are taken as quickly as possible to avoid a rise in tension,” explained the French presidency after a meeting between the two leaders in Rome. A point will be made Tuesday on the implementation or not of retaliatory measures by Paris, said the same source. The dispute concerns “a few dozen boats”, so “it is perfectly possible” to reach a solution, she said.

France criticizes the United Kingdom for granting too few post-Brexit licenses to its fishermen in British waters. She promised, for lack of improvement, to ban British fishing vessels from unloading their cargo in French ports as of Tuesday and to strengthen customs controls on trucks.

Far from subsiding before the G 20, the tension rose again on Friday with the threat of London to implement “rigorous controls” on European boats spawning in its waters, if Paris effectively carries out his threats. During the working meeting, which lasted nearly half an hour, Emmanuel Macron “wished to pass” to Boris Johnson “a message of requirement, seriousness and respect for a great partner of France “, according to the Elysee, while the British side had not communicated on the meeting at the end of the morning.

“We are waiting for it (the UK) to respect the rules of the game and its signing” of the Brexit deal, the presidency added. “Even if Boris Johnson is still trying to make this a Franco-British subject, it is post-Brexit affairs that are being dealt with between the EU and the United Kingdom”, according to her.

On the sidelines of the G 20, Boris Johnson complained Saturday to the head of the European executive Ursula von der Leyen of the “completely unjustified” threats from Paris, and indicated that London was considering “actively” for the first time a conflict resolution tool provided for in post-Brexit agreements with the EU.

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