Filming of the first film in space: a Russian director and actress fly to the ISS

the essential This Tuesday, October 5 in the morning, three Russians flew to the International Space Station, to shoot the first space film. The director and the actress will have days to shoot a film provisionally entitled “The Challenge”.

This Tuesday, October 5, a Russian director and actress took off from Baikonur, Kazakhstan. They take the path to space, to make cinema sequences, an unprecedented shoot. It is the first feature film in orbit in history, which scores symbolic points against American competitors after years of disappointment.

The Soyuz machine carrying the actress Yulia Peressild, 37 years, and the director Klim Chipenko, 38 years, as well as the veteran cosmonaut Anton Chkaplerov, took off from the Russian cosmodrome. After five minutes, they were at some 150 km altitude, and the separations of the different stages of the rocket were done without a hitch.

According to the flight plan, the craft carrying the crew must dock with the International Space Station (ISS) on Monday at 12 H 12 GMT. The director and the actress will have days to shoot a film provisionally entitled “The challenge”, which will feature a surgeon whose mission is to save a cosmonaut . They will return to Earth on 17 next October.

In a context of tensions between Russia and the United States, this cinematographic adventure takes on the appearance of a new race, 60 years after Moscow sent the first man into the space, Yuri Gagarin. The challenge for the Russian team today is to get ahead of an American film project in orbit by Tom Cruise, whose schedule is not known.

The mission also intervenes in the midst of the space rush, with the increase in recent months of leisure flights, such as those of British billionaires Richard Branson and American Jeff Bezos. On Monday, a company founded by the latter, Blue Origin, announced that actor William Shatner, who played Captain Kirk in the cult series Star Trek, will go to space next week. The project also begins during the passage to the function of command of the ISS of the French astronaut Thomas Pesquet.

“Triompher de la Nasa”

The Russian space sector, which was the pride of Moscow during the Soviet era with in particular the putting into orbit of the first satellite, the first animal, the first man then the first woman, is today undermined by the problems. For Roscosmos, the film must restore a blazon tarnished by corruption scandals, serial breakdowns and the loss of the lucrative monopoly of manned flights to the ISS, with the entry into the running of the company Space X of Elon Musk.

The Russian agency hopes “to triumph over NASA and Space X” and “distract from (its) problems,” political scientist Konstantin Kalatchev told AFP. Roscosmos had suddenly revealed his cinematic ambition last year, after the announcement of a filming project on board the ISS with Tom Cruise, the star of the saga “Mission Impossible”.

If images have always accompanied missions in space, from the first steps on the Moon in 1969 to the publications on the social networks of the French astronaut Thomas Pesquet, never a fictional feature film was only shot in orbit. The two first-time space travelers underwent accelerated training to learn to withstand the violent acceleration of takeoff or to move in zero gravity.

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