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The summer ending is certainly the ideal period to immerse yourself in the discography of Brian Ferry, great crooner in front of the Eternal. The opportunity is given, in “vintage version”, with the reissue on vinyl of 6 albums released between 1973 (“The foolish thing”) and 1985 (“Boys and girls”). Let us dwell on one of the centerpieces of this work of a rare class, namely the 2nd on the list, “Another time, another place”, in which Brian Ferry engages in one of his favorite exercises, the resumption of standards. popularized by the Platters, Elvis Presley or Louis Armstrong. And that’s how we listen again with a completely different ear, so much the orchestrations play the shimmering contrasts, songs of the years 60 (“The in crowd “, adorned with Caribbean percussion and Mexican trumpets) to soul classics (” Smoke gets in your eyes “and its chiseled guitars) to the cream of American pop (the very catchy” Walk a mile in my shoes “and its crazy brass; a surprising” (What a) Wonderful world “which dares the very sharp guitars). Rock or ballads, Ferry does not choose, falling right each time.

Album “Another time, another place” , by Brian Ferry (Virgin / UMC, with code for download).

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