Facebook: why Mark Zuckerberg will have to put his hand in his pocket to use the name “Meta”

the essential The Facebook group announced a few days ago that it wanted to change its name and baptize itself “Meta”. An American company specializing in IT also made an earlier request for this specific name.

This is bad news for the founder of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg had let it be known last week that Facebook was going to change its name: he probably did not think at the time that he should probably put his hand in his pocket to achieve his ends. And for good reason, the new name of his company “Meta” has already been approved by another company.

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It is Zach Schutt, the manager of the company “Meta PC” (located in Arizona) who affirms it in the columns of Business Insider . The manager of the box, specializing in the sale of computer equipment, explains having filed last August an application for the “Meta” brand. The US Patent and Trademark Office upheld this request. The manager has even started to market his products under this name since November 2020.

20 millions of dollars on the table

According to Business Insider, Facebook filed its request on 28 October. If the group holds the status of “federal mark”, nothing allows it to own a word. Neither application has been approved, according to Business Insider, yet neither Facebook nor Meta PC own the “Meta” brand. The case could go to court, however, and Mark Zuckerberg may well have to pull out the checkbook, as Zach Schutt’s request predates his.

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Another possible scenario: the two business leaders could settle this case amicably against finance. According to the American site TMZ, the executives of Meta PC, would have indicated to give up the name “Meta” on the direction of Facebook signed a check of million dollars. The offer was not confirmed by Zach Schutt to Business Insider, however.

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