Eycheil. Pink October: Laurent Tournier in concert

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A moment of reunion and music is organized by the association Saint-Jean d’Eycheil. It will take place with Lionel Tournier, this Saturday 16 October at 16 h 30, in the Eycheil village hall. All within the framework of Pink October.

Decisive meeting with the Pierre Lebrun orchestra

We no longer present Lionel Tournier. He is the drummer, singer and composer of the Pierre Lebrun orchestra, which hosts many evenings in our sector. He comes as a neighbor and friend of Limoux.

From an early age, Lionel Tournier writes and sings all the time. “I have a real passion shared between the drum, which I started at the age of 7, and the theater, he tells us. The theater has been part of my life from my years. This allowed me to have the first role on certain sound and light shows. I then went to the Toulouse Conservatory then Spanish, in a foreign language and civilization. It is in 1994 that, on my way, a beautiful encounter will take place with the creation of the orchestra Pierre Lebrun. A fidelity, a beautiful friendship will be born from this beautiful formation. It still makes me vibrate today, by sharing the stage on the roads of the south of France with the musicians and friends. Fan of Michel Sardou, in 2004, I created a tour of songs on this artist. Member of Sacem, I also write texts for singers and various albums… But as time goes by and with time, the desire to sing my words made its way. The realization of this tour of songs and the album – which will be released in mid-November with 12 titles – gives me this energy to live this sharing with the public and my friends. “

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