Even Netflix took advantage of Facebook's global outage

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(ETX Daily Up) – Netflix can say thank you to Facebook! The streaming giant took advantage of the global social media blackout in early October. If Internet users could no longer scroll on Instagram and Facebook, they took the opportunity to devour popular series like “Squid Game”. An advantage for Netflix which seems to prevail even against social networks.

14%. This is the growth that Netflix observed on its platform during the global blackout that affected the Facebook group on October 4. The streaming giant obviously took advantage of Mark Zuckerberg’s misfortunes to increase traffic to its site: “on October 4, when Facebook experienced a global outage of several hours, our engagement increased by 14% during this period “, revealed Netflix in its last activity report sent to its shareholders, on 19 last October.

A situation that reveals how Netflix can be a serious contender for social networks. For the American giant, other streaming platforms like HBO Max or Amazon Prime Video are no longer its only rivals. The emergence of new applications with a greater emphasis on audio and video blurs the lines between social networks and platforms. TikTok was notably associated with Amazon Prime Video to broadcast the miniseries “Cities”, specially designed for the Chinese social network, in February 2021. Even more recently, Snapchat announced a new reality TV show on their network featuring TikTok star Addison Rae.

“We are competing with a set of activities on a staggering scale for consumers’ time and attention, like watching TV in a linear fashion, reading a book, browsing TikTok or playing Fortnite, to name a few, “Netflix confirmed in his letter.

The battle to capture users’ time has become all the more important and has been brought to light during the global blackout experienced by Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger at the start of October: “We’re still quite small, with lots of room for growth; in our largest and most penetrated market, according to Nielsen, we are even less than 10% of US TV screen time. Our approach, as always, is to improve our service as quickly as possible in order to save more of people’s time “, Netflix confirmed. In the process, the streaming giant announced its new way of classifying its most watched series based on the number of hours watched and no longer on the number of accounts.

The streaming giant is not the only one to have capitalized on the technical problems of the Facebook group. Signal and Telegram have revealed an increase in their downloads. Recently, Telegram even revealed that it has exceeded one billion downloads on Android.

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