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(AFP) – A double anniversary is worth celebrating: Etienne Daho is available in reissues and novelties, the year of 40 years of his first album and 10 years of the “Condamné à mort” tour, with Jeanne Moreau.

The opportunity to come back with him for AFP on his past, present and future projects.

. “Jeanne Moreau, the researcher”

The celebrations begin on Friday with a reissue of “Condamné à mort” (original album enriched with two new lives, in different formats CD, DVD and Blu Ray).

On stage, in the middle of his own titles, Daho sang “Sur mon cou …” , set to music of a passage from a long poem by Jean Genet, “The condemned man to death”. One evening Jeanne Moreau comes to congratulate him in the boxes. “She’s the greatest French actress, it’s + La Notte + d’Antonioni (reference film of + La notte, la notte +, title of Daho’s 2nd album). Jeanne Moreau is the researcher, always at the outposts to impose new directors, initiate projects with courage “, rewinds the singer.

In the post-concert euphoria, he suggests that she take over the entire text sprinkled with erotic-gay flashes. She accepts. He sings, she recites.

Against all expectations, it is a public success which takes them to the Cour d’honneur of the Palais des papes at the Avignon festival. The actress, who puts her head between Daho’s shoulder blades and delicately embraces him, at the Nuits de Fourvière festival, remains the iconic image of this tour.

. “Toxicity, light and sexy”

It’s all spitting Daho: a title to dance while spinning the metaphor between pandemic and toxic sentimental relationship (lived experience, of course). It’s “Virus X”, a new single that flows into a mini-album of remixed versions (CD and limited edition color vinyl, 19 November).

It all started with an invitation from the Italoconnection duo to sing on their record. And today we arrive at this track which balances between “toxicity, light and sexy” as depicted by Daho.

Among the proposed remixes, there are those of Sage (also collaborator of Clara Luciani), of the DJ Chloé and of Unloved, Californian group brooded by Daho, with “ten crazy minutes which will give rise to a mini-film”. Attention, the version of St Vincent is not signed by the American artist of the same name, it is a pseudo of Daho, in homage “to the cathedral of Saint-Malo and to Jade Vincent (half of Unloved)” .

For the next move, Daho is currently composing a new album that he hopes to “release in 2022 “.

. “Chosen family”

On December 3, there will be a double event. The French Academy will award him the Great Medal of French Song. A sacred revenge when he remembers this spawn of the Avignon festival who, just before his appearance on stage for “The condemned to death”, treacherously launches him that “the spectators here can be very hostile”. To make him feel that he came from pop music and was a stranger to this world of so-called classical culture … “I did not see him afterwards”, snaps Daho, clenching his fist.

The same day will also release “Il ne dira pas” (CD and limited edition colored vinyl), a mini-album of remixed versions of songs from his first album “Mythomane”, released there 40 years.

This first opus is a matter of “chosen family”, like the brush Daho. It was to the duo Elli and Jacno that he first announced in his apartment in Rennes that he was making music. “And it was Elli (Medeiros) that I played the first demo – the album was meant for him, but I didn’t tell him (laughs)”. We also find among the musicians of the adventure Frank Darcel, of Marquis de Sade, legendary group from Rennes. “All of the people I loved, relatives or in the process of becoming,” summarizes Daho. For the record, the red jacket he wears on the clutch was Elli’s, which she had given him. “I didn’t leave it, I slept with it for years (laughs)”.

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