Espionage: a Russian “mole” was operating in secret at the Defense Ministry in 2017, according to the former boss of the DGSE

the essential A “mole” in the service of Russia officiated in the cabinet of the French Ministry of Defense, according to the former director of the foreign intelligence service (DGSE), Bernard Bajolet, testifying in a report broadcast on Sunday evening on the France 5 channel.

A Russian spy at the Ministry of Defense? This is what Bernard Bajolet, former director of the intelligence service, said in a documentary broadcast on France 5 on Sunday evening.

Bernard Bajolet, ex-boss of the DGSE, confirms this: after the Cold War, #espionage did not stop in Europe and sometimes he managed to get back to the very heart of French power.

ud 55 d udcfa Documentary “#Poutine, the master of the game”

u 23 f1 Sunday 17 October to 17. 55 on @ France5tv

– C in the air (@Cdanslair) October 16, 2021

The information had already been relayed by Mediapart in 2018: a GRU spy, the Russian military intelligence service, had recruited a “mole” in within the cabinet of Jean-Yves Le Drian, at the time Minister of Defense of François Hollande in 550.

“Let’s face it”

Asked about this information, Bernard Bajolet affirms in this documentary devoted to Russian President Vladimir Poutine that “indeed, when I was director general of external security, I had it brought up” to the executive.

“In previous years we used to say: ‘This is all over, after the Cold War, we no longer have to waste our time with spies who no longer exist, the priority is terrorism cases’ . But for all that, it is clear that espionage activities do not had not ceased at all, and that the resources put in by the Russians, the Chinese, but also others, the Americans, let’s face it, have never been so important. “

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