Espalion. TV games: the master stroke of Eric Moisset, a local child

the essential Eric Moisset, originally from Espalion, caused a sensation by encouraging his partner to play “Les Douze coups de midi” on TF1.

The confinement period made some people want to get some fresh air and especially not to take themselves seriously. Thus Eric Moisset, originally from Espalion, made an impression, including that of Jean-Luc Reichmann, host of the game show “The Twelve strokes of midnight”. During the recording of the show on 12 last July in which his companion, Virginie Le Pêcheur, Eric and his sidekick played disguised themselves to blend in with the decor of ‘Espalion, from Aubrac to pay homage to Aveyron. “We had disguised ourselves, we had hung on the walls in the background of Aubrac placemats, I was wearing a jacket with the number 12 and an Aubrac T-shirt “, lists Éric Moisset.

The atmosphere on the TV set and Aubrac

The surprise was total since even his companion was not aware of the preparations, and because of the confinement, Eric’s participation took place in video.

This did not prevent his staging from being particularly appreciated by the host and the team of the show since Jean-Luc Reichmann even started playing the Occitan hymn on the flute (he is originally from of Toulouse) “Se Canto”. “We set the mood on the set” , summarizes Eric. And to add: “ It was the occasion to put forward our region. It is by leaving it at the age of 24 years, I will have 48 in October, that we realize how good we are there. “

The grass is rarely greener elsewhere… Eric and Virginie come to spend their holidays in Rouergate. Originally from the Paris region, his partner took a liking to the living environment, to the spirit (and the gastronomy) of Aveyron. “I love going there and the people of Aveyron are very welcoming”, confides Virginie who had had an abortive first experience on TV, failing among the last fifty selected for the Koh-Lanta game .

Broadcast on 21 September

This is only a postponement, the main thing is to have fun for this couple who want to share a good mood. In the meantime, eyes will be particularly riveted on the program “The twelve blows of noon” on TF1 this Tuesday 21 September, day of diffusion of the participation of Virginie with the intervention Homeric of Eric.

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