Eruption in the Canaries: a house miraculously saved from the lava flow

the essential While the images of devastated landscapes and displaced inhabitants are broadcast. The photograph of a house saved from the lava flow goes around the networks.

An increase in activity from the Cumbre Vieja volcano resulted in the evacuation of 500 additional people overnight from Monday to Tuesday, bringing the total to 6 000 displaced on the Spanish island of La Palma, where lava flows are expected on the coast.

According to scientists, the meeting of lava with the ocean in this island in the Canary archipelago could lead to the release of toxic gases, leading the authorities to establish an exclusion zone to avoid any danger. If images of desolation are broadcast in the media around the world, a photo goes around the networks.

Photographer Alfonso Escalero is the author of this impressive photo. A house which miraculously avoided the lava flow, and which is surrounded by a landscape devastated after the passage of the magma. The shot was captured in an area called “El Para√≠so”, paradise. Quite a symbol.

In the caption of his photo, Alfonso Escalero writes. “Rescued or isolated! Everything is like that in La Palma. Today I don’t have the courage to take pictures with daylight, we will go out at night like donkeys, with blocked eyes

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