Eric Zemmour creates controversy after his statements on the Jewish victims of Mohammed Merah

the essential Invited on France 2 on Saturday evening, Eric Zemmour made controversial remarks about the victims of Mohammed Merah, author of the Toulouse and Montauban attacks in 2012. “An insult to our collective intelligence and the testimony of a very great arrogance on the part of the polemicist”, according to Franck Touboul, president of Crif (Representative Council of Jewish Institutions) Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées.

Guest on Saturday of the program “On est en direct” on France 2 , for promote his new book France has not said its last word, Eric Zemmour has once again created controversy. The essayist notably drew a parallel between Mohammed Merah, whose family had requested to bury him in Algeria (Editor’s note: a request refused by the Algerian authorities), and the Jewish children he murdered in front of the school confessional in Toulouse in 2012, buried them in Israel. He judges that in both cases “they did not belong to France”.

“Foreigners above all and wanting to remain so beyond death”

Éric Zemmour took up remarks made in his new book, an extract of which was read live by journalist Léa Salamé: “Mohamed Merah’s family asked to bury him on the land of his ancestors in Algeria. We also knew that the Jewish children murdered in front of the denominational school in Toulouse would be buried in Israel. Anthropologists taught us that we were from the country where we are buried. Assassins or innocent people, executioners or victims, enemies or friends, they wanted to live well in France, do garbure in France or something else, but in terms of leaving their bones, they especially did not choose France, foreigners above all and wanting to remain so beyond death “.

” I do not blame the families (…) I try to think rationally about the situation “, explained the polemicist on France 2 , while Laurent Ruquier criticized the example chosen to illustrate his point. “I say that there is a problem that arises for us (…) The French drama is that we no longer make French people (…) This text is to say: look , we can no longer assimilate, it’s sad “.

” An insult to our collective intelligence “

Statements which obviously shocked. Xavier Bertrand reacted on Monday 13 September, calling Eric Zemmour a “great divider”. “He had monstrous remarks on Saturday evening, speaking of the victims of Mohammed Merah, of these children, who because they would not have been buried by their parents in France, (…) their attachment to France would be in question, what a horror “, he declared on BFMTV .

Contacted by La Dépêche du Midi, Franck Touboul, president of CRIF (Representative Council of Jewish Institutions) Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées, meanwhile, qualifies Eric Zemmour’s comments as “indecent”. “It is an insult and an offense to families, who are no less French than him. Eric Zemmour must not forget where he comes from,” he said. “I also remember Madame Halimi’s choice, when her son Ilan was tortured and then murdered by the barbarian gang, to have her child buried in Israel, although she had nothing to do with the country, except This is her Judaism. Because she feared that her son’s grave would be soiled once the killers were released from prison. ”

Franck Touboul also recalls that the right to burial is an inalienable right, which cannot be discussed. “The fact that Eric Zemmour sets himself up as a judge to know who is a good Frenchman and who is not, is at the same time an insult to our collective intelligence and the testimony of a very great arrogance on his part” , he declares, before concluding: “With regard to this attack and the victims, the only thing that must be imposed is respect and silence”.

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