EMVO music school hopes for a “normal” year

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The Ousse Valley Music School (EMVO) has had a difficult year due to the pandemic,

During the general assembly the co-president Fanny Ganter, in her moral report thanked the people present, the members of the office, the professors present. She had a moving thought for Max Macera, who died during the year. The EMVO brought together 97 students, 8 salaried teachers. Some events were canceled due to the epidemic, except the hearings and the concert in July; courses were given face-to-face and remotely; thank you to the teachers, students and families who have been able to adapt. The concern of the association is to know if it can hope to obtain its integration into the departmental scheme of music schools; negotiations are underway to improve the situation, which would make life easier for EMVO. Valérie Paradis then detailed the financial statement, income and expenditure: the financial situation is stable.

For the year 2021 – 2022, 98 students are enrolled; this is encouraging. 8 teachers provide the lessons: Nadine Le Bourgeois (accordion, piano), M. Lescoutte (drums), Olivier Sinaud (clarinet and sax), Sandrine Dupouts (transverse flute), Pascal Jouanicou (guitar), Astor Messine (trumpet), Audrey Coudray (violin) and Sophie Pérez (choir)

Fanny Ganter presented the estimated budget, membership fees, teachers’ salaries, pending grants, course fees, maintenance of 4 workshops, the educational project in preparation. Then came the election of the board of directors comprising 6 members: co-chair Fanny Ganter and Hélène Devin; secretary Jocelyne Degorgue; treasurer Erika Campioni; members Christiane Sans and Jorge Cerrato.

The evening ended with a discussion on the health protocol required during music lessons: health pass? barrier gestures, wearing a mask, disinfection instructions. Deputy Henri Sousbielle excused the absence of the mayor, promised help from the municipality for the integration of EMVO into the departmental plan and congratulated the office for the work accomplished in the service of local youth.

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