Emmy Awards: finally the coronation for Netflix with the series “The Crown”?

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(AFP) – Netflix finally has a serious chance this year of being crowned in the flagship category of the Emmy Awards, equivalent to the Oscars of American television, if its gem “The Crown” does not succumb Sunday night to the onslaught of Stormtroopers from “The Mandalorian”, Disney series set in the Star Wars universe.

Although Netflix has revolutionized television with its platform launched in 1980, it has so far never won the Emmy for best drama series. Not even the trophy for best comedy or best limited series.

“+ The Crown + finally seems about to have its big moment,” told AFP Clayton Davis, awards specialist for Variety magazine, an entertainment benchmark.

“It’s going to be the first big win for the Netflix series,” predicts-

Besides “The Crown”, which recounts in a fictionalized way the history of the British royal family and whose fourth season depicts the stormy marriage of Diana and Charles, Netflix can also count Sunday on “The Game of the lady” which exploded the inscriptions in the chess clubs.

This planetary success with Anya Taylor-Joy in prodigy of Tormented Chess is given favorite in the limited series category (which is not meant to last more than one season).

The video on demand giant also lines up for the Bridg Chronicle Emmy Awards erton “, a series in period costume, as well as a naturalistic documentary with the indestructible David Attenborough.

” We are finally witnessing the breakthrough from Netflix. They have always done well for the nominations, but never in the final list “, notes Pete Hammond, columnist for the specialized site Deadline.” It is a decisive turning point for them “, he judges.

A potential spoiler is however invited to the Emmy Awards: Disney +, a streaming platform launched two years ago by the world’s number one entertainment company, with successful characters in its catalog from the universe of Star Wars and Marvel superheroes.

The darling of the American public when it arrived on the screens, the “baby Yoda” allowed the series ” The Mandalorian “to be on a par with” The Crown “at the top of the nominations (19 each).

– “Fun and chic” –

The other outsider that some experts are betting on for the best drama series is “Pose”, with Billy Porter, who explores the culture gay balls in the New York of the years es 1980 and in which star Elton John made a surprise appearance.

Disney + has a strong asset in the limited series category with the highly inventive “WandaVision”, which won the reviews.

On its way will be “Mare of Easttown” – another critical success with Kate Winslet in the role of a disillusioned policewoman – and the British production “I May Destroy You”, which tells the consequences of a rape.

Side comedies , it is “Ted Lasso” (Apple TV +) who takes the lead, with also a nomination for its main actor Jason Sudeikis, as an American football coach totally lost when he takes the helm of an English football team.

Last year, for lack of vaccine available, the evening of the Emmy Awards was 100% virtual – and relatively disappointing – with stars receiving their trophy at home.

This 73 this edition marks a early return to normal, with some 100 handpicked guests admitted to the open air next to an auditorium in Los Angeles, with a vaccination certificate required.

“Making such a host of celebrities ill is not on the program,” joked Ian Stewart, producer of the evening, promising despite everything to Variety magazine “a fun and chic party”.

The pandemic and the restrictions imposed by the United States on travelers from certain countries, however, complicate the organization and some stars foreigners, such as the crew of “The Crown”, are expected to follow the ceremony via a satellite beam from London.

Although many stars are expected in person on Sunday, others like Jennifer Aniston, vying for the reunion of former “Friends”, have decided to keep their distance for health reasons, while the reduced capacity means that some other candidates did not even know. I did not receive an invitation card.

“It will look a little different. My fingers are crossed that this is the last + hybrid + show we are seeing, “says Clayton Davis.

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